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Al (Sailor Gamma Leonis) Playlist

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 19, 2014, 1:49 PM
Sailor Gamma Leonis Stamp by LinaLeeL

OSI Qualifier: Sailor Gamma Leonis by nickyflamingoGamma Leonis vs War pg 8 by nickyflamingoSMV Autumn Masquerade Gamma Leonis pg 2 by nickyflamingoSailor Gamma Leonis OSI Civilian Round by nickyflamingo

Please follow this link to hear a ever-growing playlist of songs that remind me of Al:

:star:… :star:

Thank you to everyone who has suggested songs, I can always use more suggestions for Al or any of my characters!

Algieba by BishiLover16Naoko Takeuchi style - Sailor Gamma Leonis by hoshi-kouComm- Fire and Desire by PandanaLoveWar vs Gamma Pg 4 by UnisamasSecret Santa: Gamma Leonis: Winter Stroll by SailorAlcyone

Sailor Messier 19 Stamp by LinaLeeL

M19 The Storm in my Mind by nickyflamingoSailor Messier 19 by nickyflamingo

 This is my work in progress for Sailor M19: 

:rose:… :rose:

M19 x NGC 7840 WIP by UnisamasM29 and 28 by redspiderlilliesMessiers Meet - Nicky's Contest by SailorDarkness


Nicky Flamingo fan stamp by Unisamas NOVA Fan stamp by nickyflamingo I :heart: my watchers Stamp. by jugga-lizzle Pin Up Stamp by HappyStamp Pokemon Stamp by MarkiSan final fantasy 7 stamp by Makt91

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New Adopts!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 13, 2014, 10:04 AM
Here's eight new adopts from me. I've been working on them for a couple weeks between other things, and I'm pretty proud of this batch and almost didn't let a few of the go, but they need someone who will use them and love them! If you want one, please read the description in each deviation and follow those instructions. Thank you!!

2014adopts 2 Warriors CLOSED! by nickyflamingo2014adopts 1 Pretty in Purple and Pink by nickyflamingo2014adopts3 Green Eyes CLOSED! by nickyflamingo


Nicky Flamingo fan stamp by Unisamas NOVA Fan stamp by nickyflamingo I :heart: my watchers Stamp. by jugga-lizzle Pin Up Stamp by HappyStamp Pokemon Stamp by MarkiSan final fantasy 7 stamp by Makt91

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EDIT: Because of the thumbnail limit, I am splitting this into three journals, each one has some of my known characters, followed by less known (but still really loved by me) ones. Sorry for the spam.

You may or may not know this, but when it comes to art of my characters, I have an unsettling resemblance to Smaug... a teeny tiny dragon on her pile of glittering fanarts. And you enable it, with your wondrous gifts, trades, and commissioned pieces. I wanted to make a journal to show it off, and I'm going to periodically update it with the newest treasures added to my closely guarded trove.

Nicky Flamingo fan stamp by Unisamas

:new: [C] Les murmures de printemps (Messier 19) by GabiStar

:new: Sailor Cheshire - $2 Chubi for nickyflamingo by Jeishii

:new: Artypants chibi by hoshi-kou

:new:PC: SerenofAriane 5/11 by NeeraSerafin

:new: ::COM:Sailor Barnard 72:: by xCheekiie

:bulletyellow: Messier Sisterhood Senshi (M19, Barnard 72, NGC 6273, NGC 1512, V492, V450) :bulletyellow:

Sailor Messier 19 Stamp by LinaLeeL

M19 x NGC 7840 WIP by UnisamasM29 and 28 by redspiderlilliesEC: Busts by Cheddar99043Messiers Meet - Nicky's Contest by SailorDarknessSati and Liv by rodentfanaticRequest - Messier 19 by ReminelC: M19 Icon by Re-Pyper::COM:Sailor Barnard 72:: by xCheekiie[T] ACEO 0242014: There is No Rose . . . by WanderingKotkaThe Rose by Sir-FrogSecond EC Batch: NGC 6273 by PhiMouse::COM:Queen of Roses and Thorns:: by xCheekiie::COM:NGC 6273:: by xCheebeezAceo commission special- Nickyflamingo x2 by UnisamasAT: V492 ACEO Shaded by Re-PyperAT- Luminous by PandanaLoveC: Chibi V492 by WingsForDreamsSailor V450 aka Ruby Ref sheet by BaitouSailor V450-C by Sir-FrogNaoko Takeuchi style - Sailor V450 Carinae by hoshi-kou

:bulletyellow: Sailor Cheshire :bulletyellow:

Sailor Cheshire for Nickyflamingo by flutter-chiSailor Cheshire Stamp by LinaLeeLC: nickyflamingo by baconscraps

Sailor Cheshire - $2 Chubi for nickyflamingo by JeishiiG:nickyflamingo by lilYumi-chanComm nickyflamingo 1/2 by Lia-tomoe[C] ACEO 182014: Year of the Cat by WanderingKotkaC: Chibi Sailor Chesire by WingsForDreamsCE: Day of Communication by SammaCoCommish - Sailor Cheshire by moon-valkyrieSailor Cheshire VAlentine's ACEO by serenofariane

:bulletyellow: Sailor Marmaroth :bulletyellow:

ACEO 020 - Sailor Marmaroth by NeeraSerafin

:bulletyellow: Sailor Cherry, Sailor Almond, and Holly :bulletyellow:
PC: SerenofAriane 5/11 by NeeraSerafinNaoko Takeuchi style - Sailor Cherry by hoshi-kouSailors Lime and Cherry Request by serenofarianeSailor Cherrybutts by BaitouGift Chibi Day 9 - Sailor Cherry by NekoChanTheKitty

:bulletyellow: Sailor Red Hots Sparkle :bulletyellow:
Secret Sweetie: Red Hots Sparkle by TheAnomally

:bulletyellow: Sailsor Betelgeuse and Rigel :bulletyellow:

Sailor Elements Batch Adoptables CLOSED by YukiMiyasawa

:bulletyellow: Sailors Cuetzpalin (Lizard), Dog, and Terbium Jelly :bulletyellow:

Sailor Zodiac - Sailor Cuetzpalin by BaitouSailor Zodiac - Sailor Dog by BaitouSailor Terbium Jelly by Baitou

:bulletyellow: Sailors Algol "Demon Star" :bulletyellow:

Nicky's Galaxy Twins by Baitou

:bulletyellow: NOVA and crew :bulletyellow:
NOVA by EyeOfVoglerNova-mon and Charles-mon by MistressLegatoGiftart: Robot Girl by WanderingKotkaNicky B-day 2010 by rindaimaiouSwirling Nova by rindaimaiouSuper Belated Birthday: Nicky by rindaimaiouSummer Nova by rindaimaiouClarinet and nova by rindaimaiouNicky's Nova by rindaimaiouAndroid Nova for Nicky by rindaimaiouC: Chibi Sena and Nova by Toto-the-catPlugged In - For Nicky by sailorangelprize- chibi nova by etc-anime

:bulletyellow: Shizue :bulletyellow:
Nicky's Shizue by MistressLegatoDevil costume Shizue by rindaimaiou$10 Chibi: Shizue the Demon Librarian by WanderingKotka

:bulletyellow: My Ponies (ArtyPants and SpookyTunes) :bulletyellow:
Artypants chibi by hoshi-kouArtypants and Spooky Tunes Headshot by oOSolarEclipseOo
:bulletyellow: Sasquina Cryptus (monster high oc) :bulletyellow:
Sasquina Cryptus and Maia Clusters by Re-Pyper
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EDIT: Because of the thumbnail limit, I am splitting this into three journals, each one has some of my known characters, followed by less known (but still really loved by me) ones. Sorry for the spam.

You may or may not know this, but when it comes to art of my characters, I have an unsettling resemblance to Smaug... a teeny tiny dragon on her pile of glittering fanarts. And you enable it, with your wondrous gifts, trades, and commissioned pieces. I wanted to make a journal to show it off, and I'm going to periodically update it with the newest treasures added to my closely guarded trove.

Nicky Flamingo fan stamp by Unisamas

:new: C: Chibi Sailor Kerberos and Sailor Hydra by WingsForDreams

:new: c : Nickyflamingo by stephie-boo

:new: Chibi Gamma Leonis for nickyflamingo by Jeishii
:new: Naoko Takeuchi style - Sailor Gamma Leonis by hoshi-kou
:new: AT: nickyflamingo by Re-Pyper

:new: Nunki and Theta Leonis by discworldfan

:new: C: Gamma Leonis by StefBani

:bulletyellow: Sailor Gamma Leonis :bulletyellow:
C: nickyflamingo by baconscrapsEC: Bitty Gamma Leonis by Cheddar99043Sailor Gamma Leonis Stamp by LinaLeeLIcon Commission: nickyflamingo by KimmyPeachesGamma Leonis Thumbnail by SMVDonationPool

c : Nickyflamingo by stephie-booChibi Gamma Leonis for nickyflamingo by JeishiiNaoko Takeuchi style - Sailor Gamma Leonis by hoshi-kouC: Gamma Leonis by StefBaniGamma Leonis Pagedoll by YukiMiyasawaComm- Fire and Desire by PandanaLove[Kiriban] A Lion in Spring by WanderingKotkaSecret Santa: Gamma Leonis: Winter Stroll by SailorAlcyoneCO- Sailor Gamma by FireFlea-SanComm nickyflamingo 2/2 by Lia-tomoeC: Chibi Sailor Gamma Leonis and Sailor War by WingsForDreamsCommission: Bomb Girls by sailorsilverfalconDigital Chibi Commission- Nickyflamingo by CmcookiezAlgieba by BishiLover16Gamma KICK! by BishiLover16Algieba masquerade chibi by BishiLover16First EC Batch: Sailor War and Sailor Gamma Leonis by PhiMouse[Contest] Party at 55's Place! by WanderingKotka[C] Sailor Gamma Leonis [Minimalist Portrait] by GabiStarSpecial Commission - NickyFlamingo by Val4s-sanMighty Lioness {Gift Art} by ladyredvelvet[C] ACEO 092014: Fire Down Below by WanderingKotkaComission: Sailor Gamma Leonis by RikezaSailor Icon -  Lovecraft, Gamma Leonis, Cheshire by BaitouCommission: Chibi Gamma Leonis by sailorsilverfalconWar Vs Gamma -Drawn by Bordin Hyperbooster studio- by UnisamasHappy Halloween - Xan and Al by BaitouSailor Gamma Leonis for Nicky BDay by SailorDarknessC: Button Set for Nicky by Toto-the-catA Belated SMV christmas by UnisamasSMV-group picture by UnisamasHappy Halloween (early) XD by PhiMouseSMV Prize: Ice Cream by g-i-iLet's Dance by PhiMouseSS - Photo-Op, Holiday Style! by Wildnature03Sailor Gamma Leonis by PandanaLoveChristmas Dreams - COMPLETE! by JATGProductionsQueen Al by rodentfanaticSailor Gamma Leonis by AnimecolourfulPC: NickyFlamingo 1/3 by NeeraSerafinCOM: Unisamas 2 by StefBaniThe lioness by senshi-of-legendPanty and Stocking Style SMV Senshi by ladyredvelvetPixel Al in a Furisode by Razzl3errySMV-Who's that sleeping in my bed? (August Quest) by AnimecolourfulSMV - The Masquerade - III by dedizenoflightSMV-Sep-Oct Contest Pg3 by AnimecolourfulWar meets Gamma smv PG 3 by UnisamasWar vs Gamma Pg 4 by UnisamasSMV:Shark Week Oceanea Style by MissLeyThanksgiving at the village- SMV page 3 by UnisamasV-day at the SMV PG 4 by UnisamasLate Christmas Present - War is a Busy Place by JATGProductionsRandom Doodles pt 1 by BaitouSMV Member Chibis Ver 1 by nagoyamonkey-smgDream Mirrors- War and Strength by Kuroshi-tenshiGift: Algieba by Re-PyperAl and Bell are total Butt buddies by Unisamas

:bulletyellow: Leo Senshi (other than Gamma) :bulletyellow:
Nunki and Theta Leonis by discworldfan[G] Sailor Eta Leonis by WanderingKotkaG: The Potty Mouth Signers by StefBani

:bulletyellow: Sailor Tungsten Flamingo :bulletyellow:

Tungsten Flamingo Coloured by rindaimaiouSailor Tungsten Flamingo by MistressLegatoHappy Birthday, Nickyflamingo! by redspiderlillies

:bulletyellow: Sailor Moonrise :bulletyellow:
Sailor Moonrise ACEO Trade by serenofariane:Sailor Moonrise: by dedizenoflightSailor Moonrise by MistressLegatoSailor Moonrise by ai-sanuraSailor Moonrise by The-Rainbow-Faeriealternate reality dopplegangers by senshi-of-legendSailor Moonrise~ by kiki99990

:bulletyellow: Sailor Haumea and Sailor Hydra :bulletyellow:

C: Chibi Sailor Kerberos and Sailor Hydra by WingsForDreams
:bulletyellow: Sailor Gear Heart :bulletyellow:

Comm- Steampunk by PandanaLove

:bulletyellow: Sailor Meteo :bulletyellow:

Meteo by Sir-FrogC: Chibi Sailor Meteo by WingsForDreams

:bulletyellow: Sailor Magpie and Sailor Coyote :bulletyellow:
ACEO by Sybil-chanNaoko Takeuchi style - Sailor Coyote by hoshi-kou

:bulletyellow: Sailor Cybele (created for me by :iconre-pyper: :heart:) :bulletyellow:
AT: nickyflamingo by Re-Pyper

:bulletyellow: Pretty Princess Sailor Vampire Moon :bulletyellow:

Pretty Princess Sailor Vampire Moon by MistressLegatoSparkles! by senshi-of-legend

:bulletyellow: Space Princess Nikatonia (idea by celamowari (who is the actual owner of this character) and WanderingKotka :bulletyellow:

Princess Nikatonia by celamowariCommission: Space Princess by WanderingKotkaACEO 090-092: Bad Girls of Major City by WanderingKotka
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EDIT: Because of the thumbnail limit, I am splitting this into three journals, each one has some of my known characters, followed by less known (but still really loved by me) ones. Sorry for the spam.

You may or may not know this, but when it comes to art of my characters, I have an unsettling resemblance to Smaug... a teeny tiny dragon on her pile of glittering fanarts. And you enable it, with your wondrous gifts, trades, and commissioned pieces. I wanted to make a journal to show it off, and I'm going to periodically update it with the newest treasures added to my closely guarded trove.

Nicky Flamingo fan stamp by UnisamasA different destiny Stamp by LinaLeeL

:new: c : Nickyflamingo by stephie-boo
:new: Sailor Sun blinking By Self-Epidemic by nickyflamingo
:new: Sailor Psyche blinking By Self-Epidemic by nickyflamingo
:new: COMMISSION: NickyFlamingo by Computerinkt
:newChubi Sailor Hygiea for nickyflamingo by Jeishii

:new: Beta - n - Hygiea lines by PhiMouse
:new: Eternal Sailor Sun Bust by Marushi-Dracul

:new: Princess Asteroid recolored by iliowahine

:New:  [C] Guardian Apollo by WanderingKotka

(If more than one character is in a picture, they'll be posted once)

:bulletyellow: Sailor Sun :bulletyellow:
Winking heart - Sailorsun by BaitouCM:nickyflamingo by lilYumi-chanSailor Sun Stamp by LinaLeeLSailor Sun for nickyflamingo by flutter-chiC: nickyflamingo by baconscraps
Sailor Sun blinking By Self-Epidemic by nickyflamingoEternal Sailor Sun Bust by Marushi-DraculTrade/Gift: Sun and Asteroid by shuu-bunniSpecial Commission - NickyFlamingo 2 by Val4s-sanC: Eternal Sailor Sun by Re-Pyper[Collab] Sailor Sun by WanderingKotkaC: Eternal Sailor Sun and Eternal Sailor Asteroid by Toto-the-catLight and Life (Happy Diwali!) [Contest Entry] by GabiStarCommission: Hello Sailor! by sailorsilverfalconSailor Sun And Globulus 80 pumkin battle by SnowlynAT- Eternal Sailor Sun for NickyFlamingo by UnisamasP: Eternal Sailor Sun Colored by Re-PyperAT:nickyflamingo by lilYumi-chanComission: Eternal Sailor Sun by RikezaC: Chibi Eternal Sailor Sun by WingsForDreamsSailor Sun Autumn Art Exchange by WanderingKotkaACEO - Sailor Sun by JRtheMonsterboyFansenshi - Eternal Sailor Sun by Baitousailor sun by kennasaurG:nickyflamingo by lilYumi-chanPC: NickyFlamingo 2/3 by NeeraSerafin-NFS- ACEO 030: Hey Pretty by WanderingKotkaACEO #7: At the Season's Will by kenlybopCommission Eternal Sailor Sun by ChidepichiSolar Queen - nickyflamingo by SailorLunarAngelAm I too late? by Starfighterace-421Sailor Icon - Your Smile is the Sun by BaitouCM:nickyflamingo (i move!) by lilYumi-chanUntitled by Tsunami-Hatro-yukiprize: sailor sun by etc-animePrincess Sun by dubirdEternal Sailor Sun for NickyFlamingo by serenitysmoonThe Sailor Sun Project (update June 23rd 2013) by goddessredd

:bulletyellow: Sailor Hygiea :bulletyellow:

C: nickyflamingo by baconscrapsCM:nickyflamingo by lilYumi-chanSailor Hygiea Stamp by LinaLeeLBitty Hygiea by Cheddar99043c : Nickyflamingo by stephie-boo
Chubi Sailor Hygiea for nickyflamingo by JeishiiBeta - n - Hygiea lines by PhiMouseAT: Sailor Hygiea by Toto-the-catSP 2012 First Place Prize Nicky by SailorDarkness125K Kiriban: Hygiea Restoring Chalice by WanderingKotkaHappy Hygiea by Sir-FrogSenshi Pageant Prize- Sailor Hygeia by UnisamasAutumn by RikezaPC: NickyFlamingo 3/3 by NeeraSerafinHalloween gift for Nickyflamingo by crazy-peach-adoptPrize: Hygiea by Re-PyperMSP 2012 Prize - Sailor Hygiea by shuu-bunniC: Chibi Sailor Hygiea by WingsForDreamsSP 2012 Round 3 Top 5 Hygiea by SailorDarknessSecret Santa: nickyflamingo's Sailor Hygiea by NeeraSerafinAT: Orange Overdose! by StefBaniSailor Hygiea by PhiMouseSailor Hygiea By Phoenixmouse by Re-PyperHealer and Warrior in Battle by mereleiSailor Hygiea Participation Prize by SailorDarknessSP Hygeia doll2 by SailorDarknessSP 2012 Round 2 Top 7 Hygiea by SailorDarknessSpecial Commission - NickyFlamingo 4 by Val4s-sanGift Sailor Hygiea by BaitouJapon Chibi Commission by ImHisEternalAngelSailor Hygiea by ai-sanuraACEO 085: Shy Star by WanderingKotkaSexy Pumpkins by goth-chanCommission-Sailor-Hygiea by ChidepichiAsteroid Senshi by PhiMouseSP Hygiea colored sketch 2 by SailorDarknessmerry christmas nickyflamingo by senshi-of-legendAutumn Breeze Senshi by DmanMHygiea by iliowahineSP 2012 Rd 5 Hygeia Drawing2 by SailorDarknessderp-face by MistressLegatoMSP Group 1 by KeriuriKimono Mini: Sailor Hygiea by Meinona

:bulletyellow: Sailor Asteroid :bulletyellow:

Sailor Asteroid Stamp by LinaLeeL

Comm - Sailor Asteroid by Baitou-NFS- ACEO 031: A Falling Star by WanderingKotkaHappy Birthday Nicky Flamingo ACEO by UnisamasIt will be fun she said... by The-LantiisAT-Nicky's Asteroids by goth-chan

:bulletyellow: Crystal Sailor Asteroid :bulletyellow:

Crystal Sailor Asteroid by Marushi-Dracul$20 Pinup: Sailor Asteroid by WanderingKotka*dies* by PhiMousePrincess Asteroid by iliowahinePrincess Asteroid recolored by iliowahine

:bulletyellow: Sailor Euphrosyne :bulletyellow:

Sailor Euphrosyne Stamp by LinaLeeL

C: Chibi Sailor Euphrosyne by WingsForDreamsSailor Euphrosyne by MistressLegato[T] Sailor Euphrosyne by QueenJawsSenshi for Others: Sailor Euphrosyne by Sayaka-HeroOfJusticeEuphrosyne, Joy by Kuroshi-tenshiAT: Sailor Euphrosyne by Re-Pyper2013 Kiriban 2 by PhiMouseJapon Chibi Commission by ImHisEternalAngelJoyful Vortex Senshi by DmanM

:bulletyellow: Sailor Psyche :bulletyellow:

Sailor Psyche by LinaLeeL

Sailor Psyche blinking By Self-Epidemic by nickyflamingoC: Chibi Sailor Psyche by WingsForDreamsSS: Pyche by Re-PyperACEO 096-097: Sailor Uranus and Sailor Psyche by WanderingKotkaPrize: Psyche by Re-PyperSoulful Senshi by DmanMSailor Psyche by PhiMouse

:bulletyellow: Crystal Sailor Moon :bulletyellow:

We Could Have Been Each Other by rindaimaiouSpecial Commission - NickyFlamingo 3 by Val4s-sanAT- Crystal Sailor Moon by PandanaLovecrystal moon by kennasaurcrystal sailors moon and jupiter by senshi-of-legendCrystal Sailor Moon by rodentfanaticTrade with Nickyflamingo by kenlybopNaoko Takeuchi style - Crystal Sailor Moon by hoshi-kouACEO: Crystal Moon by Re-PyperCrystal Sailor Moon - Princess by nads6969SeiyaxUsagi fanbabies by nads6969

:bulletyellow: Crystal Sailor Mercury :bulletyellow:
Secret Senshi Exchange:NF's Crystal Sailor Mercury by c-beniBirthday Art: Sparkling Shabon Spray by WanderingKotkaCommission: Crystal Sailor Mercury by G-gGCrystal Sailor Mercury by sailorsilverfalconCrystal Sailor Mercury by iliowahine

:bulletyellow: Crystal Sailor Jupiter :bulletyellow:

Wild Card - Sailor Jupiter FIN by Wildnature03Autumn Forest by redspiderlilliesPrize:Crystal Sailor Jupiter by bearboymcg

:bulletyellow: Crystal Sailor Venus :bulletyellow:
Crystal Sailor Venus by LadyDragonKiaBirth of Crystal Sailor Venus by sailorsilverfalconACEO: Crystal Venus by Re-PyperSST: Crystal Sailor Venus by WanderingKotkaCrystal Sailor Venus by The-OneChanbara

:bulletyellow: Crystal Sailor Pluto :bulletyellow:

ACEO #3-Crystal Sailor Pluto by kenlybopNaoko Takeuchi style - Crystal Sailor Pluto by hoshi-kou

:bulletyellow: Crystal Sailor Mars :bulletyellow:

Trick or Treat by Queen-Rini

:bulletyellow: Crystal Sailors Uranus and Neptune :bulletyellow:

Neptune and Uranus for Nicky by MistressLegatoCrystal Sailor Uranus by Aelcorsec

:bulletyellow: The Boys (Apollo, Titan, ect) :bulletyellow:
[C] Guardian Apollo by WanderingKotkaApollo by mereleiC: Chibi Sun Guardian Apollo by WingsForDreams
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Feature: Re-Pyper!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 16, 2014, 11:56 AM
:iconre-pyper: :iconre-pyper: :iconre-pyper: :iconre-pyper: :iconre-pyper: :iconre-pyper: :iconre-pyper: :iconre-pyper: :iconre-pyper:

MSP '13: Iris by Re-PyperMSP Round 3: Alignment Switch by Re-PyperMSP: Talent by Re-PyperL!ght We!ght by Re-PyperOf Iris by Re-PyperPrincess Kyara by Re-PyperDezi Iris by Re-PyperRainbow Water by Re-PyperACEO: Iris and Nokomis by Re-PyperQueen Nokomis by Re-PyperACEO ~ 4 Princesses by vanillaberrycakePrincess Lily by Re-PyperDaughter Of Iris by Re-PyperPrize: Prysma by Re-PyperSailor Enyo Reference by Re-PyperSMOCT3 Audition: Enyo P4 by Re-PyperLady Enyo by Re-PyperIlor and Ilou by Re-PyperACEO: Hebe by Re-PyperACEO: Kuiper by Re-PyperACEO: Sun and Earth by Re-PyperACEO: Aello by Re-PyperAsrai Chibi by Re-PyperSad Mud Bath by Re-PyperSailor Agate: Close-Up 1 by Re-PyperSailor Agate Headshot by Re-PyperSailor Agate by Re-PyperSailor Epona by Re-PyperGoddess: Sailor Epona by Re-PyperMy Sugar Cube by Re-PyperSOTW: Sailor Tsalagi by Re-PyperSailor Scylla by Re-PyperMTS: Round 1 - Sailor Zinc Cobra by Re-PyperMTS: Round 2 - Civilian by Re-PyperSailor Frog Ref by Re-PyperSailor Hamster Ref by Re-PyperOSI 14: Qualifier by Re-PyperOSI 14: R1 - Civilian by Re-PyperSailor V602 by Re-PyperSailor Messier 2 by Re-PyperSailor Messier 57 by Re-PyperSailor Messier 110 by Re-PyperEris' Death by Re-PyperSailor Star Candy Spakle! by Re-PyperACEO: Star Candy and Sprinkles by Re-PyperAdonael Memorial Ball by Re-PyperKnight Zehanpuryu Ref by Re-PyperSailor Nectaris by Re-PyperSailor Ormolu Owl by Re-PyperCE: Sailor Phrike Epione by Re-Pyper
GIFT: No More Holding Back by Re-PyperSS: Nolli by Re-PyperSS: Pyche by Re-PyperSS: Sailor Leaf by Re-PyperAT: Warrior Princess by Re-PyperPC: Full-Body Sailor Aurora by Re-PyperAT: Pure Sailor X by Re-PyperC: Gabi's Girls by Re-PyperAT: Sailor Euphrosyne by Re-PyperAT: Sailor Dysnomia by Re-PyperSS: Sailor Tsukuyomi by Re-Pyper
G: Gamma Bust w/wings and glow by Re-PyperArt Trade: Galatea by Re-PyperGIFT: Imperial Andromeda by Re-PyperC: Moonstone by Re-PyperC: Sofiel by Re-PyperArt Trade: Kathleen Evelyn by Re-PyperC: Eternal Sailor Sun by Re-PyperC: Messier 38 by Re-PyperK: Soap Bubbles V2 by Re-PyperC: Skat by Re-PyperGIFT: Dezi Boo by Re-PyperSS: Skadi by Re-PyperSailor Europea Bust by Re-PyperC: Nikki by Re-PyperC: Selerity by Re-PyperGift: Silver Falcon by Re-PyperGIFT: Messier 1 w/ BG by Re-PyperP: Martius by Re-PyperPrize: Sailor Mawu by Re-PyperPrize: Sailor Lovecraft by Re-PyperPC: Sailor Aurora by Re-PyperAT: Sailor Famine by Re-PyperGift: Willow by Re-PyperP: Messier 55 by Re-PyperSO: Sailor Peony by Re-PyperPrize: Psyche by Re-PyperPrize: Pectus by Re-PyperPrize: Blueberry Sparkle ACEO by Re-PyperACEO: Crystal Moon by Re-PyperACEO: Krypton by Re-PyperACEO: Void Gamma vs Sailor Gamma by Re-PyperPrize: Gumamela by Re-PyperSmall Tag: Sailor Spidiwi by Re-PyperEdited Tag: Sailor Abhijit by Re-PyperPrize: Galatea by Re-PyperACEO: Messier 75 by Re-PyperPrize: Pollux by Re-PyperC: M43 Icon by Re-PyperC: Rahab by Re-PyperC: M19 Icon by Re-PyperC: War Icon by Re-PyperSprite Eunomia by Re-PyperSprite Skat by Re-PyperSprite Dark Star by Re-PyperSailor Fabula Pixel by Re-PyperEnyo Pixel by Re-PyperAngry Kikyuu by Re-Pyper
Hero of Time by Re-PyperThe Avatar Korra by Re-PyperMantis Artemis! by Re-PyperFan Art: Blackfire by Re-PyperMermaid~ by Re-Pyper

:iconre-pyper: :iconre-pyper: :iconre-pyper: :iconre-pyper: :iconre-pyper: :iconre-pyper: :iconre-pyper: :iconre-pyper: :iconre-pyper:

Bitty Epona by Cheddar99043Icon Sailor Iris by ChidepichiComm: Enya Pixel Icon by MzMegsSailor Prysma - Re-Pyper by shiicolateG: Iris Chiibs - Avatar by whiizu :star: Art for Pyper! :star: hebe icon by FirePhoenixCreationsSailor Iris icon by tolipePC: Cheddar99043 - 3 by WhisperingCorridorsSailor Iris Dollie. by whiizuSprite - Sailor Enyo by purenightshade
Starseed and Collar for Re-Pyper by merelei :iconpyper-lovers:Epona Stamp by Allviran

Sailor-Iris-commission by ChidepichiFull Iris by Drachea by Re-PyperSP 2013 Iris Doll Participation Prize by SailorDarknessHAPPY B-DAY by PhiMouseG:Sailor Iris by JyinxeSailor Iris by Mikki-of-the-WindSailor Iris by YukiMiyasawaAT- Re-pyper by UnisamasHoliday Special - Re-Pyper by Val4s-sanSailor Iris by Black-UmiThe Lantiis by AnimeFreak00910::Sailor Iris Gift:: by xCheekiiePlush - Sailor Iris by purenightshadeSailor Iris by RubyMountainSkyeAdvent Calendar #5: Sailor Iris by NeeraSerafinSailor Iris by purenightshadeRe-Pyper Sailor Iris by ShanyumeCm 7/8: Cheddar99043 by lilYumi-chanGift- Sailor Iris by PandanaLoveCG: Sailor Iris by sihi-chanSailor Iris by ai-sanuraBirthday suit aceo for re-pyper by UnisamasSailor-Iris by ladyredvelvetSailor Iris pixel chibi by rainscarce

Contest Entry: Re-Pyper Facebook Banner by sailorsilverfalconSailor Iris FB by nickyflamingoCE: Pyper FB Banner by tolipeCE: Sailor Prysma + Sailor Iris FB banner by Toto-the-catCE: Facebook Cover Iris_Prysma by vanillaberrycakeCE: Repyper by StefBani
Sailor Sunfire and Sailor Iris by FALSONICEne, Pollux and Iris by Toto-the-catCOMM: Unisamas by momo-ladyEne Pollux Iris Colored Version by JoJiaMystiePC: Sailor Iris and Sailor Astraea by Toto-the-catSailor Prysma by Vick83G: Sailor Prysma Bust by whiizuPrysma by Drachea by Re-PyperRe-Pyper Christmas 2013 ACEO by serenofarianeAT Re-Pyper by MeinonaChibi enyo by senshi-of-legendG: Happy Birthday Pyper! by wickedzEnyo by Sir-FrogRequest - Re-Pyper by cherrychipGift: Flying with Auntie~ by StefBaniACEO #36 Sailor Enyo by Toto-the-catenyo by skylite-compassSailor Enyo for Re-Pyper by nickyflamingoSM OC Raffle 2013 Sailor Enyo by theNekkKiriban || 3 by Lunixina
SS  - Sailor Epona by YukiMiyasawaChibi Sailor Hebe for Re-Pyper by nickyflamingoP: ACEO 008 by Cheddar99043Secret Santa- Repypers Tsalagi by UnisamasSailor Scylla by purenightshadeBirthday Gift - Sailor Ilor for Re-Pyper by JATGProductionsR: Sailor Ilor by sailor-aqua353SS: Messier 57 by ginyoakeMessier-57 by PhiMouse
Commission: Froggy, Just Froggy by Ayachi-chanWe stand as One - without background by MoonlightkittypawSC: ThePirateninjagirl by ChidepichiMiss Senshi Pageant Caramelldansen by discworldfanRe Pyper Request by Random-art-stuffRequest 001 by iAura713Request by AIMforHorrorRequest: Re-Pyper by gypsy-tea


Nicky Flamingo fan stamp by Unisamas NOVA Fan stamp by nickyflamingo I :heart: my watchers Stamp. by jugga-lizzle Pin Up Stamp by HappyStamp Pokemon Stamp by MarkiSan final fantasy 7 stamp by Makt91

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Feature: PandanaLove!

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 14, 2014, 6:36 PM
:iconpandanalove: :iconpandanalove: :iconpandanalove: :iconpandanalove: :iconpandanalove: :iconpandanalove::iconpandanalove: :iconpandanalove: :iconpandanalove:

Sailor Europea Ref 2013 Updated P.1 by PandanaLoveDezi Europea by PandanaLoveTell Me Why Or Do You Know How Stars Can Fall  by PandanaLoveEuro in the Raw by PandanaLoveDrowning by PandanaLoveMSP Round 4- Europa Tidal Burst by PandanaLoveBig Project- Sailor Europea by PandanaLoveOSI 2012 Qual Round by PandanaLoveMSP Qual Round by PandanaLoveMSP Round 5- Swimsuit by PandanaLoveMoonlit Hope by PandanaLoveSailor Elaria (Carme) Ref 2013 by PandanaLoveSailor Kore Ref 2013 by PandanaLoveKore Minions by PandanaLoveSailor Aitne Ref Sheet by PandanaLoveSailor Amalthea Ref 2013 by PandanaLoveSailor Carpo Ref 2013 by PandanaLoveCarpo Posion Daikyu by PandanaLoveI Swear To You There Will Be Better Days by PandanaLoveSailor Callisto Ref 2013 by PandanaLoveDon't Need a Rocket to Get Lost in Space by PandanaLoveMSP 2013 R2- Defying Gravity by PandanaLovePinUp Series: Sailor Callisto by PandanaLoveMSP 2013- Calling Callisto by PandanaLoveMSP Final Round- Lost In Space by PandanaLoveMSP Swimsuit Round by PandanaLoveMSP 2013 R2- Defying Gravity by PandanaLoveSailor Arsia Ref by PandanaLoveSailor Cyllene Ref 2013 by PandanaLoveCyllene Mallet Punch by PandanaLoveJust Leave Me Here In Pieces by PandanaLoveSailor Euporie by PandanaLoveEntry- Sailor Euporie by PandanaLoveWe Are the Jupiter Moon Senshi by PandanaLoveMSP- Civilian Round- Marketplace by PandanaLoveAsterion Chibi by PandanaLoveSailor Messier 43 Ref by PandanaLoveSailor Messier 91 (UPDATE) by PandanaLoveDon't Forget Me by PandanaLoveSailor V460 Carinae by PandanaLoveSilver N Gold by PandanaLove
Sailor Unelanuhi by PandanaLoveSailor Unelanuhi, Protector of Earth by PandanaLoveSailor  Chloride Snow Bunny by PandanaLoveInto the Dark by PandanaLoveSnow Angels by PandanaLoveMTS14 Round 1- Gliese 436B by PandanaLoveSailor Bulla Remake by PandanaLoveEntry- Shameless Shipping by PandanaLoveSailor Qaspiel by PandanaLoveSailor Sorath by PandanaLoveLove Within the Sun and the Moon by PandanaLoveSailor Ratih by PandanaLovePrincess Estella by PandanaLove
We Fight For Dezi by PandanaLoveAryiane Late Birthday Present by PandanaLoveStef's Secret Santa- Sailor Messier 104 by PandanaLoveKiribian- i AM the dark by PandanaLoveCom- Sailor Anwael by PandanaLoveAT- Luminous by PandanaLoveComm- Sailor Beta by PandanaLoveGift: Happy Birthday Eka!! by PandanaLoveHappy Birthday Eka!! by PandanaLoveSailor Gamma Leonis by PandanaLoveHappy Birthday Pyper!! by PandanaLoveSecret Santa- Sailor Hecate by PandanaLoveComm- Chibi Besties Andraste and Messier 41 by PandanaLoveComm- Sailor Messier 65, She Who Walks With Lions by PandanaLoveHappy Birthday Hatterrose! by PandanaLoveSailor Messier 102 Chibi Colored by PandanaLoveBig Project- Sailor Aquila by PandanaLoveBig Project- Sailor Zodiac by PandanaLoveComm- Sailor Dark Star Chibi by PandanaLovegift- Sailor Lust by PandanaLove
Forbidden by PandanaLovePrincess Kida by PandanaLove
Metal Abyss by PandanaLoveA Froggy Frogging Get Together by Re-Pyper

:iconpandanalove: :iconpandanalove: :iconpandanalove: :iconpandanalove: :iconpandanalove: :iconpandanalove::iconpandanalove: :iconpandanalove: :iconpandanalove:
Europea icon by tolipePixel Icon close-up for PandanaLove by MagicMoonBird :star: Art for Pandi! :star:Sailor Europea - PandanaLove by shiicolate MSP 13 Prize - Sailor Callisto by shuu-bunni

Renovated AT-Sailor Europea by LyannaElanRequest - Sailor Europea by ReminelC: Pandanalove by ChidepichiSenshi Request: Sailor Europea by sailorsilverfalconSailor Europea Bust by Re-PyperSailor Europea by Mikki-of-the-WindSP 2012 Round  Top 4 Sailor Europea by SailorDarknessChibi Europea love by TsuzukikunSailor Europea by RubyMountainSkyeSailor Europea Commission by CientificaSP Europea Doll2 by SailorDarknessStef's Secret Santa: Sailor Europea by Toto-the-catSP 2012 Round 3 Top 5 Europea by SailorDarknessChibi Europea by MeinonaCommish for Pandanalove by cherrycheezy..:: Sailor Europea ::.. by MroczniaKRibbon Europea by Re-Pyper- G - Chibi Sailor Europea by NekoChanTheKittyJupiter and Europea by Cat-with-dark-eyesCOMM: Sailor Europea Icon Set by mereleiKimono Mini MSP set 1 by MeinonaMSP Group 1 by KeriuriC: Friendships by wickedzSC: ThePirateninjagirl by ChidepichiOnward by Re-PyperSP 2013 Callisto Doll Participation Prize by SailorDarknessSailor Callisto gift art by ladyredvelvetSailor Callisto: PandanaLove by ai-sanuraSailor Callisto for PandanaLove by nickyflamingoWhat would YOU do as Miss Senshi? by CioniePandanaLove: Sailor Carme by ai-sanuraSailor Europea and Sailor Carme by FreyaAbendsternAT: Sailor Amalthea by ginyoakeTest Subject XD by PhiMouseHappy Brithday Panananananan~ (late) by StefBaniJupiter Moon Sailors by Janots13Sailor  Team-Commission by LadyMakoContest Entry: Jupiter Moon Senshi by whiizuTrade - Pandanalove by Val4s-san
C: M43 Icon by Re-PyperSailor Messier 43 for PandanaLove by nickyflamingoRL--Panda2 by Tasuu-chanRq 2: Sailor Messier 91 by AkiranneR: Messier 91 by ginyoakeMini Chibi - Commission -PandanaLove #1 by Kitty-VampChibi Commission For PandanaLove by Exie-KunThe Messiers [Art Swap] by GabiStarCommission: Sailor Messier 88 - Sailor Messier 91 by AnirvinaLotusChild
Art Trade - Sailor V460 Carinae by ReminelComission: Sailor V460 Carinae by RikezaCM:pandanalove by lilYumi-chanInto the flames~ by Aryiane
Special Commission - PandanaLove 2 by Val4s-sanOSI 2014 - Round 1 Civilian by theNekkC:Chibi Potassium Snow Fox and Chloride Snow Bunny by WingsForDreams(COMM) Pandanalove by Tifareto::COM:Sailor Snows:: by xCheekiie
Sailor Unelanuhi by Sir-FrogCommission Unelanuhi by Herena21[:PC:] Sailor Unelanuhi by Shikuheiro-ChanSailor Unelanuhi by VeggieSexySailor Unelanuhi - SS 2013 by sakkysaComm-Chibi Sailor Unelanuhi by HotaruAyanami
Sailor Mare Bulla by Heart-of-AmethystSS-pandanalove by UnisamasSpecial Commission - PandanaLove by Val4s-sanComission: Sailor Qaspiel by RikezaCOMMISSION Pandanalove by xunini
C: New Fire~ by AryianeRatih by Julietto


Nicky Flamingo fan stamp by Unisamas NOVA Fan stamp by nickyflamingo I :heart: my watchers Stamp. by jugga-lizzle Pin Up Stamp by HappyStamp Pokemon Stamp by MarkiSan final fantasy 7 stamp by Makt91

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Feature: Marushi-Dracul!

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 11, 2014, 6:52 PM
:iconmarushi-dracul: :iconmarushi-dracul: :iconmarushi-dracul: :iconmarushi-dracul: :iconmarushi-dracul: :iconmarushi-dracul: :iconmarushi-dracul: :iconmarushi-dracul: :iconmarushi-dracul:
Senshify Yourself by Marushi-Dracul
Ren Virendra, Sailor Moonstone by Marushi-DraculPrincess Ren by Marushi-DraculHaunted by Marushi-DraculRen's Costume by Marushi-Dracul
Sailor Messier 102 Icon Three by Marushi-DraculGift: Sailor Messier 75 by Marushi-DraculGift: Hyuni by Marushi-Dracul
NGC 2024 by Marushi-DraculNGC 4121 by Marushi-DraculGuardian of the Unknown by Marushi-DraculSailor Messier 102 by Marushi-DraculB108 and B109 by Marushi-Dracul
Myrrh On A Wire Copy by Marushi-DraculSailor Sofiel - Myrrh by Marushi-DraculMemorial Ball: Myrrh Waiting by Marushi-DraculCeleste: Moon-Fairy by Marushi-DraculSailor Zelendia by Marushi-Dracul
Angel Senshi: Sailor Asariel by Marushi-DraculSailor Magnolia by Marushi-DraculSailor Twix Sparkle by Marushi-DraculLt Colonel Wolf by Marushi-DraculNereza Shadowheart by Marushi-DraculStolen Clothes by Marushi-DraculVerya Draugathiel by Marushi-Dracul
Almost Sisters by Marushi-DraculSolar Eclipse by Marushi-DraculEnchanted Breeze and Solar Eclipse Busts by Marushi-DraculSolar Eclipse Relaxing by Marushi-DraculSolar Eclipse Chibi by Marushi-Dracul
Rthyra, the Magic by Marushi-DraculIsis ~ Human Form by Marushi-DraculTorin Deathrage by Marushi-DraculCollan: New Senshi by Marushi-DraculMarsha/Maar'Sha ~Persona/Fursona~ by Marushi-DraculZaphirya by Marushi-DraculRynestre by Marushi-Dracul

SS: Sailor Messier 7 by Marushi-DraculSS: Messier 84 and Barnard 84 by Marushi-DraculSS: Sailor Messier 28 by Marushi-DraculGift: Sailor Lovecraft by Marushi-DraculGift: V357 Carinae by Marushi-DraculSapphire Bust - Color by Marushi-DraculSS: Sailor Yarashiel by Marushi-DraculP: Sailor Eris Chibi by Marushi-Dracul
Crystal Sailor Asteroid by Marushi-DraculSailor Sirei by Marushi-DraculSailor Uranus by Marushi-DraculAutumn Exchange: Sailor Silverfalcon by Marushi-DraculSeiri And Drake by Marushi-DraculNGC 4151 by LotusLuminoPrize: Reen by Marushi-DraculSailor Aquila by Marushi-DraculSailor Nova and Nebula by Marushi-Dracul
Art Exchange by Marushi-DraculCE: Help Me by Marushi-DraculThe Mermaid by Marushi-DraculCommission: Gamma Pony by Marushi-DraculColorful Nebula by Marushi-Dracul

:iconmarushi-dracul: :iconmarushi-dracul: :iconmarushi-dracul: :iconmarushi-dracul: :iconmarushi-dracul: :iconmarushi-dracul: :iconmarushi-dracul: :iconmarushi-dracul: :iconmarushi-dracul:

:star: ART FOR MARUSHI! :star:

Icon Commission1: Marushi-Dracul by KimmyPeaches[REQ]: Marushi-Dracul by ClouverSolar Eclipse Pixel - Commission by ToxijenMarushi-Dracul - Sailor Moonstone Stamp by LinaLeeLICM - Marushi-Dracul 1 by ShinjuukiSailor Moonstone - Marushi-Dracul by shiicolateIcon Commission: marushi-dracul 1/3 by Kitturr

C: Sailor Moonstone by Cat-with-dark-eyesSailor Moonstone Commission by CientificaOC Commission: Ren Virendra, Sailor Moonstone by KawaiiBentoBoxSailor Moonstone for Marushi-Dracul by nickyflamingoC: Moonstone by Re-PyperSailor Moonstone Headshot by Sir-Frogcommission: Double Eclipse by G-gGOutfit design - 14 - for waifu by LotusLuminoRL Commission---Sailor-Moonstone by Tasuu-chanJuly Feature Marushi Dracul's Sailor Moonstone col by JoJiaMystieAutumn Exchange: The Red Queen by sailorsilverfalconSpecial Commission - Marushi-Dracul by Val4s-san::COM:Sailor Moonstone:: by xCheekiieC: Sailor Moonstone by ChidepichiBirthday Chibi Ren for Marushi-Dracul by serenofarianeSailor Moonstone (commission) by nekotaneC: Moonstone and Sapphire by wickedzCM:marushi-dracul by lilYumi-chanAS: Group 2 by StefBaniFirst encounter - colored by LotusLuminoOC Commission: Sapphire x Moonstone x Opalium by KawaiiBentoBoxCC - A better breakfast by Miau-nyaSenshi Group by Toto-the-catMarushi Commission - Satin Prison [Reen] by HoneyDriveCommission - Marushi-Dracul by KyatiaSecret Santa -For marushi-dracul - Sailor Zelendia by HatterRosesailor zelendia entry by sihi-chanCM 2/4: marushi-dracu by lilYumi-chanLimited Commission 6 by PhiMouseSailor Messier 102 by VeggieSexyV337 Carinae~ by AryianeLimited Commission 4 by PhiMouseRequest - Messier 83 by ReminelACEO: Messier 83 by Re-PyperSailor Sofiel by GuiltyTestamentCommission : Myrrh by Lily-Fu::COM:Sailor Sofiel:: by xCheekiie
Commission - Marsha by MeoonSecret Santa: Marushi-Dracul by Ririkou<da:thumb id="406637402"/>Iron Artist 05 by l-Blair-lPagedoll 83 by nyan-shopIris Phoenix - Contest Entry for FeaturedOCs by SomedaySakuhin[C] Iris by Kairi-HMasha Tepes by chaos-flareCommission: Marushi-Dracul by AdoraLynnCommission: Lighting Fire Ball by linnilRthyra and Ajurin by LotusLuminomarushi-dracul .Commission. by scribblinSecret Santa Commission - Marushi-Dracul by Pauratagashi22Commission - Marushi-Dracul -2 by Line-artsSailor Parthenia by TsuzukikunSailor Exchange: Sailor Parthenia by NyxsiernGift Art: Sugar Senshi Twix Sparkle by BoundbyribbonCommission by meno712Commission: Marushi Dracul by ThatUlielMarushi Bloodstar by FatKittyCat[Gift] Snowy Eclipse by StyxLadyCommission: Marushi-Dracul by JimmaBCommission | Solar Eclipse | by PastelFlakesshe has the stars in her mane by CybilineSolar Eclipse by shinkumaComm: Marushi by CajesTheTabby


Nicky Flamingo fan stamp by Unisamas NOVA Fan stamp by nickyflamingo I :heart: my watchers Stamp. by jugga-lizzle Pin Up Stamp by HappyStamp Pokemon Stamp by MarkiSan final fantasy 7 stamp by Makt91

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Feature: MistressLegato!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 9, 2014, 1:30 PM
:iconmistresslegato: :iconmistresslegato: :iconmistresslegato: :iconmistresslegato: :iconmistresslegato: :iconmistresslegato: :iconmistresslegato: :iconmistresslegato: :iconmistresslegato:

Merriya's Dress by MistressLegatoFinale - senshi pageant by MistressLegatoMerriya Talent - Kawaii Contest by MistressLegatoAlignment Switch - Merriya by MistressLegatoAsclepios - SP round 2 by MistressLegatoSailor Asclepios - Senshi Pageant round 1 by MistressLegatoMerriya Swimsuit - Round 4 by MistressLegatoEternal Asclepios by MistressLegatoMerriya - masquerade by MistressLegatoChibi Merr. by MistressLegato
Victoria's Dress by MistressLegatoSailor Aries by MistressLegatoVictoria - Talent by MistressLegatoRound 3 Aries - Sweet by MistressLegatoSwimsuit - Aries by MistressLegato
FancyLads - Come Sail Away by MistressLegatoCharles and Cheryl by MistressLegatoMass Hysteria-Bio and Charles by MistressLegatoChalloween 2011 by MistressLegatoChibi fancy Charles by MistressLegatoHave a Fancy Holiday by MistressLegatoSoft eyes, SoftSkin - colour by MistressLegato
Sailor Lead Owl by MistressLegatoPewter Lime by MistressLegatoMiss MelonCock by MistressLegatoNecco Wafer Sparkle! by MistressLegatoHybrid Elles by MistressLegato
Sailor Sun - Trade by MistressLegatoAlvarie Blythe by MistressLegatoSailor Sedna - Trade by MistressLegatoPretty Princess Sailor Vampire Moon by MistressLegatoUltra Draco - Trade by MistressLegatoGuardian Drake - Trade by MistressLegato
Sailor Tungsten Flamingo by MistressLegatoNicky's Shizue by MistressLegatoNCG 3379 for Unisamas by MistressLegato
Nifty - for Beana by MistressLegatoA friend's X-mas commission by MistressLegatoSailor Moonrise by MistressLegatoSailor Silver Rabbit Dress-up by MistressLegatoNova-mon and Charles-mon by MistressLegatoSecret-sweetie-w-sparkles by MistressLegatoNeptune and Uranus for Nicky by MistressLegatoAI for Kohaku by MistressLegatoAmanoJaku's OC by MistressLegato
Happy Holidays Neptune'sTears by MistressLegatoLevel 4 - Sub-Chara by MistressLegatoMega-Chibi Moon by MistressLegatoJunJun for jdopgrinen by MistressLegatoHuman Luna ATC by MistressLegatoSailor Moon - Over the Moon by MistressLegatoC'est la Vie by MistressLegatoLevel 5 - Villain by MistressLegatoHelios and Chibusa by MistressLegatoSailor Saturn art card auction by MistressLegatoSailor Pluto for Nicky - color by MistressLegato
Hottie Nurse colours by MistressLegatoKusari Mitsukai - GAIA by MistressLegatoHappy Holidays 2011 by MistressLegatoIo- For NKK by MistressLegatoBernadette's Tea Party by MistressLegatoHyakka Ryouran - painting 4 by MistressLegatoHyakka Ryouran - painting 1 by MistressLegatoHyakka Ryouran - painting 2 by MistressLegatoChi'-Lin by MistressLegato
Wario and Waluigi girl finished by MistressLegatoWish by MistressLegatoHimemiya ACEO by MistressLegatoKOS-MOS by MistressLegatoAriel by MistressLegatoRapunzel by MistressLegatoTwilight Sparkle by MistressLegatothe Chibi Felicia by MistressLegatoHsienko chibi - coloured by MistressLegato
Poke'Girl 423 - Gastrodon by MistressLegatoPoke'Girl 078 - Rapidash by MistressLegatoPoke'Girl 148 - Dragonair by MistressLegatoPoke'Girl 415 - Combee by MistressLegatoGet Well, Nicky by MistressLegatoPoke'Girl 401 - Kricketot by MistressLegato
Intro to SMV page 3 by MistressLegatoIntro to SMV page 4 by MistressLegato

:iconmistresslegato: :iconmistresslegato: :iconmistresslegato: :iconmistresslegato: :iconmistresslegato: :iconmistresslegato: :iconmistresslegato: :iconmistresslegato: :iconmistresslegato:

:star: ART FOR MistressLegato! :star:

Asclepios Thumbnail by SMVDonationPoolMistressLegato Stamp by LinaLeeL
Sailor Asclepios for Mistress Legato by FreckledsleeperSS: Sailor Asclepios by Shade-Lover31SP 2013 Asclepios Participation Prize by SailorDarknessSailor-Asclepios by ladyredvelvetC: Chibi Sailor Asclepios by WingsForDreamsSailor Asclepios for MistressLegato by nickyflamingoSailor Asclepios by Lady-MothACEO #2 Sailor Asclepios by kenlybopAsclepios eclipse wip by hoshi-kouPC: NickyFlamingo 3/3 by NeeraSerafinSMV: Autumn Masquerade Intro! Pg. 2 by g-i-iSMV Shorties comic 1 by UnisamasWhat would YOU do as Miss Senshi? by CioniePanty and Stocking Style SMV Senshi by ladyredvelvetMiss Senshi Pageant Caramelldansen by discworldfanAT-MistressLegato by KeriuriTrade: MistressLegato's Sailor Aries by Blue-and-DogSailor Aries - Art Trade with MistressLegato by momo-qSailors Aries and Asclepios for MistressLegato by nickyflamingoSailor Lead Owl by nickyflamingoA Fancy Lad by SingularDiseaseFancyLad by merriyaChibi commission - Charles 01 by littledemonkuraiChibi Commission - Charles 02 by littledemonkuraiFancy Lads- for MistressLegato by ryuchanCharles and NOVA by nickyflamingoLeggy Legato by RietalienkoSS: Sailor Necco Wafer Sparkle by YuniNaoki


Nicky Flamingo fan stamp by Unisamas NOVA Fan stamp by nickyflamingo I :heart: my watchers Stamp. by jugga-lizzle Pin Up Stamp by HappyStamp Pokemon Stamp by MarkiSan final fantasy 7 stamp by Makt91

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Feature! CrimsonsMouse

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 8, 2014, 8:43 AM
 :iconphimouse: :iconphimouse: :iconphimouse:   :iconphimouse: :iconphimouse: :iconphimouse:  :iconphimouse: :iconphimouse: :iconphimouse:

B22 and ??? by PhiMouseBarnards 22 and 11 by PhiMouseB11 in color by PhiMouseMessier-Senshi: B11 - Qualification round by PhiMouseV518 by PhiMouseMessier40 redesign by PhiMouse
Sol and Hecate by PhiMouseRing of Fire by PhiMouse'Attack!' by PhiMouseForm 3 Ratri and her Staff by PhiMouseChibi Ratri is not happy she is cute... AT ALL XD by PhiMouseRatri form - color by PhiMouseSailor Gamma Phoenicis by PhiMouseHappy Halloween (early) XD by PhiMouseOSI 2014 Qualification try by PhiMouse!The Beautiful Senshi Sailor Telesto! by PhiMouseEternal Sailor Quaoar by PhiMouse
Angel Senshi Colors by PhiMouseSailor Puriel (redesigned) :) by PhiMouseAngel-Senshi Memorial Ball: Puriel by PhiMouseSailor Algedi by PhiMouseMorta's Gate by PhiMouseIntroducing....... by PhiMouseSailors Rahu and Ketu color palette by PhiMouse
Gamma Rei by PhiMouseC: Eta Minor by PhiMouseSINGING-KIWI........... by PhiMouseSailor Pollux by PhiMouse