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Random from My Sailor Moon OCS by others

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Random from My Adopted Babies

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REQUEST: I'm not posting this on facebook or likely to discuss it much there because I'm keeping this from my grandmother who has severe anxiety issues and a past heart attack. This new could literately send her into the anxiety attack that gives her another. She's not on facebook, but people who would tell her are. I hate to keep things from her, but this is the kindest thing I can do for her! Thank you!

I've been pretty evasive when it comes to WHY I've been so scarce and have been even slower than usual and getting through my mega backlog, other than a vague reference to health issues. Well, this journal may contain a little too much info, so if you don't want to hear that, just suffice it to say I've got a diagnosis and I'll be dealing with it and getting better eventually!

So I've had immune system related issues for a while, a little touch of rheumatoid arthritis, allergy crazy, and sometimes getting sick more than normal, but my immune system is evidently out to get me. Because it's thrown Ulcerative Colitis into the mix. Info here if you're interested:…

I started bleeding almost two month ago and went to my doctor. (This is after a long bout of ridiculous allergic reactions since November btw.) She examined me and said unfortunately she had to send me for a colonoscopy. The Gastroenterologist department called to schedule and repeatedly called it my "cancer screening", because that's comforting. So between then and yesterday, I was basically spending a huge amount of time in the restroom, with kinda terrifying symptoms, lost my appetite (but kept eating because I was determined not to lose weight and freak out more plus needed the nutrients), freaking out in case work had a problem with how much time I was hiding in the bathroom, and had a nice few panic attacks. After 20-30 days I started sleeping when I got home because I'm so exhausted. I couldn't take any pain relievers so migraines were much fun. I went to the hospital a few times and was tested repeatedly for anemia and for cell counts.

Thankfully, I finally got my procedure yesterday (And they knocked me out, thankfully!) Everyone, especially my nurses, were super nice and kind, and it was cute how they seemed to adore my husband, who was allowed to sit with me while I was prepped for the procedure and in recovery. They kept calling him my "Sweetie" and kept petting my head and arm, and kept giving me new warmed blankets. I think it was because I was so much younger and smaller than all the other patients around who the youngest was probably in his late 50's. One of the nurses came over and we had a long discussion about social issues and autism spectrum disorders, which was random but good for keeping your mind off things. Anyway, no cancer (though they are biopsying some stuff), and I have all the medicine in the world to take. *looks at her horse pills*

So, anyway, this is a chronic disease I will deal with forever, but we're going to get it in remission and I have appointments lined up to see if I respond to the medication, and to move on to diets that might work for me to help, ect. In the mean time, I'm sorry to say I'm probably still going to be around less just due to the exhaustion. I've still got my list and I'm DEFINITELY going to get it all done! No one forgotten! I wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE BEING PATIENT, LOVING, AND KIND TO ME! Only a bare minimum of people knew what was going on because I didn't want them to have to share my freak out, and to those folks who got hit with it, you are simply the greatest. Another shout out to the admins at the groups I also admin in and those I am founder of, for your shouldering almost all my work. The fact that I can leave it in your hands have been a huge relief.

Also, I'm sorry for the lack of story progression on :iconconstellation-senshi: due to having no energy to sit and write the next tasks. They are coming, but typing is one of my most tiring things right now (including this message! XD ), I'll team with my cohorts and get it updated soon! A special thank you to all the wonderful folks waiting there, you guys are the BEST!

Thank you all again for all your support, and your continued support, while I get my health and life back on track!

Heart Border [Orange] by RevPixy
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Nicky S.G.
Artist | Traditional Art
United States
Hello! My name is Nicky and I basically live on stress and tea. It's a delicate balance...
Some of my favorite things, which any time spent on my page will tell you:
-Pretty girls, preferably with awesome hair
-Sailor Moon
-Video Games
-Astronomy and related fields
-Fanart of ANY of my characters *is a tiny dragon on her glorious hoard*

I hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to leave a comment on my art or page, as long as it isn't rude. I keep attack flamingos on guard.

Oh... please don't thank me for favorites or llamas, it was my pleasure.

[Stamp] Gratitude by Creepiest

Check out these amazing adopts! 

2 deviants said [Open, Auction] The Pearl Sisters Imugi Adopts by WanderingKotka
1 deviant said Adorable dragon siblings!

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OPEN Adoptables!

Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy
SALE! Teas and Watermelon (Watermelon PRICE DROP) by adopt-a-yum SALE! Licorice and Grape (OPEN) Red is Available~ by adopt-a-yum

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My Sailor Moon OC, MLP OC, and other OC Journals!

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C: nickyflamingo by baconscraps My Sailor Moon OCs:new: Added new adopts!!!  MOAR! :new:
:bulletpink: Sailor Gamma Leonis

Civilian Name Queen Algieba, "Al"
Age hundreds of years
Birthday/Sign Celebrates on Earth on July 28th / Leo
Civilian Occupation 3rd Queen of Leo, Ambassador of Leonine Space
Power Extreme strength, flame based powers, varied martial arts
originally created for :iconsmvillage:, has become one of my two main senshi
:bulletpink: Eternal Sailor Sun

Civilian Name The Sun Queen
Age Appears in her 20's
Birthday/Sign July 25th / Leo
Civilian Occupation Queen/Judge
Power Powers of the Sun (Light, hea

Nicky's My Little Pony OCsMy ponies live in the city of Hoofport, a smaller city, with a shipping and fishing port, a vibrant and funky population, and lots of agriculture and wild lands outside the city. It's a diverse place, home to the standard Earth, Unicorn, and pegasus ponies, but also many other variations of ponies and other species. A ways north, there is the bigger and more active city of SeaSaddle, whose residents do business with Hoofport on a regular basis.
:star: :heart: :star: :heart: :star:
Please see this Stash Folder for a complete, alphabetized list of my ponies. The list below is just some of them because the stash works better: THANK YOU!
:star: :heart: :star: :heart: :star:
Bullet; Purple ArtyPants

What is she? Unicorn (my pony self!)
Age Young adult
Birthday/Sign July 26th (Leo)
Occupation Illustrator
Ability Artist
Cutie Mar
[Commission] Artypants Icon by oOSolarEclipseOo
Nicky is Smitten by iambai Nicky's OC List (non SM) The list of my OCs that are 100% original, adopts,  or from fandoms other than Sailor Moon. A WIP as I get them all collected, and I'm going to draw new pictures for some of my older characters before posting them
:bulletpurple: Shizue

What is she? Succubus
Story (no official name)
Age A few hundred years old
Birthday/Sign December 27th (Capricorn)
Occupation Head Librarian of Hell
Ability Is the only one who can handle all the books in the library. Believed to be an extremely weak demon.
Weapon Magic
My second main original OC :heart:
:bulletpurple: NOVA

Heart Border [Purple] by RevPixy

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