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Heart Border [Purple] by RevPixy

Nicky Flamingo fan stamp by unisamas

Commisssion- nickyflamingo by Tasuu-chan Commission-nickyflamingo by Tasuu-chan Commission- nickyflamingo by Tasuu-chan
Comm nickyflamingo 2/2 by Lia-tomoe Gamma Leonis Pagedoll by YukiMiyasawa Sailor Sun blinking By Self-Epidemic by nickyflamingo
Sailor Psyche blinking By Self-Epidemic by nickyflamingo Sailor on the way! - Commission by C-ren Apollo by merelei Kimono Mini: Sailor Hygiea by Meinona Sailor Hygiea Participation Prize by SailorDarkness Sailor Gamma Leonis for Nicky BDay by SailorDarkness SP Hygeia doll2 by SailorDarkness CM:nickyflamingo (i move!) by lilYumi-chan Pixel Al in a Furisode by Razzl3erry Trade/Gift: Sun and Asteroid by shuu-bunni

Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy

Japon Chibi Commission by ImHisEternalAngel Japon Chibi Commission by ImHisEternalAngel

Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy

Gamma Leonis Thumbnail by SMVDonationPool CM:nickyflamingo by lilYumi-chan Sailor Sun for nickyflamingo by flutter-chi Sailor Cheshire for Nickyflamingo by flutter-chi CM:nickyflamingo by lilYumi-chan C: nickyflamingo by baconscraps C: nickyflamingo by baconscraps c : Nickyflamingo by stephie-boo C: nickyflamingo by baconscraps Comm- Nickyflamingo Icon by PandanaLove [Freebie] Sailor Cheshire Icon by Marushi-Dracul [Commission] Barnard 72 Icon by Marushi-Dracul [Commission] Sailor Gamma Leonis by Marushi-Dracul [Free Commission] Sailor Hygiea Icon by Marushi-Dracul C: nickyflamingo by baconscraps EC: Bitty Sun by iCheddar Bitty Hygiea by iCheddar EC: Bitty Gamma Leonis by iCheddar EC: Bitty Cheshire by iCheddar

Heart Border [Pink] by RevPixy

[Commission] Spookytunes Bust Icon by oOSolarEclipseOo [Commission] Artypants Icon by oOSolarEclipseOo [Commission] Artypants with Plushie Icon by oOSolarEclipseOo Artypants icons by aque-laven Sleeping ArtyPants by SmallSpiritGraphics so when this is over don't blow your composure by kavvorus [Free Commission] Dango Bust Icon by oOSolarEclipseOo Candy Cron Iconss by aque-laven [Raffle Prize] Gold Leaf Bust Icon by oOSolarEclipseOo
 photo NickyFlamingo_zps26de6d9a.gif  photo nickyflamingo_zpsfadaa55f.gif
Sitting Icon - Moon Shadow by LittleAlyce

Artypants and Spooky Tunes Headshot by oOSolarEclipseOo Amber Heart by blacktigerdream
Gui pagedoll by aque-laven Arty Pants Pagedoll by aque-laven
ArtyPants Pagedoll by Blitzkatze

Ych Foxfan-Morphia by livesfordrawings Red Jewel by CometShine Morphia Icon by SetSaiI
Morphia sleeping icon commish by wintry-chan YCH Icon Morphia by starridge
Morphia - handfan pixel commish by wintry-chan
Ych Slot 1 by C0smIIc

Heart Border [Purple] by RevPixy

Star Divider - Free by etNoir


Sketch Page for Kagehahen
Kagehahen may pay here for one Sketch Page. Thank you1

Looking for Pixel Icons

Sun Feb 26, 2017, 2:35 PM

I have some points that can't be converted to cash and a mighty need for a few icons.

I am looking for some pixels to use as my DA icon. I like to have some to switch between and also decorate my page with them. I am looking for icons for the following characters right now (and couple icons would be good too):

Moni/Current Gen Sailor Dorado and/or her official AUs (possibly with her fiance Darryl)
Sailor Dorado by nickyflamingo Dorado Task 7 Preparing by nickyflamingo Holy Hunter Moni Offical CS AU by nickyflamingo CS AU Pokemon Trainer Moni by nickyflamingo Moni's Return by nickyflamingo Monrryl Oct 5 Kissing by nickyflamingo Goldfish Scooping by nickyflamingo Collab That Goldfish Booty by nickyflamingo

Jia/Gen 1 Sailor Dorado (possibly with her lover Chameleon)
Gen 1 Dorado by nickyflamingo Battle Partners by nickyflamingo CS ST14 Friends of the Furry Kind G1 by nickyflamingo Lovely Jia by nickyflamingo Galaxy Portrait Jia and Rhoot by nickyflamingo

If you make pixels, please link them :heart: Later I'll add more characters, but as I usually switch between these two, I'll be looking for things with them first. Please only offer if you're okay with me maybe not picking yours. OR share a friend's if a friend has open point commissions for pixels who can possibly do these characters. I'd like to have something maybe a little different than I already have, but not necessarily. Thank you!

Heart Border [Orange] by RevPixy
♥ template by miontre ♥ skin designed by iLantiis

Current Commission Menu!

Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy

Nicky's Commission MenuAs I offer a variety of commissions, I needed a central location for them.
:new: Sketch Pages are now offered as a permanent available type of commission.

All of the following commission types are currently OPEN!

Please see each journal for commission details including pricing and plenty of examples. As always, feel free to note me with any questions and I will respond as soon as I am able to.
Thank you for your interest!

Full Color ACEO Commissions:

ACEO Wolf by nickyflamingoACEO Halaos by nickyflamingoACEO Rhamiel by nickyflamingoACEO Society Bernadette by nickyflamingo

These are the commissions I currently have open:
Thank you for looking :heart:

Full Color ACEOs Commissions OPEN:new: February 20th: Removed finished ones on list, new slots opened!
I am offering full color ACEO commissions, a little portrait is a happy, jolly thing in your mailbox or a friend's! :heart: I'm opening to all character types: Senshi, Closed Species (for possible feral species like Kamishiba or Foxfans, note me first), OCs of whatever flavor!
One card for $15 or two cards for $25
Free world wide shipping (if you would like one sent to a friend, make sure to include their address in a note)!

Misc Emoji-11 (Stars) [V1]  Please read the entire "read me" section before placing an order or claiming a spot <3  Misc Emoji-11 (Stars) [V1] 
If you're interested in a two-color style like this instead: please head to this journal: 2 Color ACEO Commissions
ACEO Society Bernadette by nickyflamingo ACEO Lilli 2 by nickyflamingo ACEO Sailor Alcyone by nickyflamingo ACEO Cerelia by nickyflamingo ACEO Wolf by nickyflamingo ACEO Murderfloofs by nickyflamingo

2 Color ACEO Commissions FLASH SALE:new: Feb 16th: I'm having a quick special offer on this type of ACEO. Ignore price in slot claim area for duration of sale.

Stars Orange  Two cards for $12/1200 points   Stars Orange 
little star BONUS! Save $2 on your order if you also buy anything from unisamas here! She will confirm the sale with me. little star

I am opening ACEO commissions for any character.

-These are in the format below: Two color ACEO (character color and background color) with white gel pen background. What's ACEO?
-Please read the entire "read me" section before placing an order or claiming a spot <3
Prefer Full
ACEO Ashla by nickyflamingo ACEO Columba by nickyflamingo ACEO Corona Borealis by nickyflamingo ACEO Danny and Red by nickyflamingo

$10 Single or $15 Couple One Color Commissions
:new: Feb 15th: Removed finished items, opened slots!
What Are These?
Bullet Purple These are expressive colored ink drawings that will be colored with copics in shades of the outline. They are roughly postcard sized and will be mailed for free worldwide in a greeting card envelope.
-If a couple, they can both be the same color or two different colors as shown below
-Color ink options: I have green (two colors), blue (two colors), magenta/pink, purple, brown, Gray (two colors), wine, orange, and yellow pens. Black can be used too for grayscale if requested. I'd be happy to pick the color for you if you like!
See my inking color options here: INK EXAMPLES
-Focus is on gesture, expression, and or interaction.
-Format is waist/hip up with somethi
Starlight Bluffs Tambutt by nickyflamingo Fendris x Kalli swoosh by nickyflamingo Volans x Barus by nickyflamingo Rin x Maeve by nickyflamingo Kokonoe x Electra by nickyflamingo

Full Body Full Color Commissions: One slot open:new: Feb 19th:
One slot reopened
I am opening a small number of full body, full color commissions for most character types (human, humanoid/humanoid closed species, senshi, ect).

(one single or couple per slot)
blue heart bullet SLOT 1: Avino (paid)
blue heart bullet SLOT 2: OPEN

pink heart bullet WAIT LIST:

-OPEN, please comment or note me to inquire!
Bullet Purple These are no background, full body, colored
Bullet Purple Paypal ONLY, no holds please. Payment due before work starts.

Bullet Purple One character or couple per slot, please (I may reopen some later)
Bullet Purple Please NOTE me your commission request, thank you!!
Misuto the KamiTsune by nickyflamingo Odette for Novarin by nickyflamingo Unicorn Rainbow Adopt CLOSED by nickyflamingo Brooke by nickyflamingo

Galaxy Portraits and Watercolor PortraitsI NOW OFFER TWO TYPES OF WATERCOLOR COMMISSIONS!

I'm now offering both types of my watercolors for commission. Please see each section for information!
:new: Feb 9th All slots reopened as all Galaxy Portrait Commissions are complete!


Bullet Blue These are postcard sized water color portraits of up to two characters per illustration (same price for single or couple pic). The character(s) are drawn in black in outlines, freehand. Chest up/shoulders up portraits.
Bullet Blue Couples, Friends, Constellation Senshi 1st and Current gens, or singles all welcome!
Bullet Blue Constellation Senshi will have
Galaxy Portrait Jia and Rhoot by nickyflamingo Galaxy Portrait Howlite Dire Wolf by nickyflamingo Galaxy Portrait Telecopium x Bootes by nickyflamingo Galaxy Portrait Echo by nickyflamingo Dec WC Helka by nickyflamingo Shimmer Bright Coma Berenices by nickyflamingo

:new: $15 Sketch Pages:
Sketch Pages: Slots Reopened:new: Feb 22nd UPDATE: This will now be a permanent commission type. Opening a few new slots.

pink heart bullet pink heart bullet pink heart bullet pink heart bullet pink heart bullet

Blue Heart Icon $15 Sketch Pages Blue Heart Icon 
Great for pink heart bullet Romances purple heart bullet Friends blue heart bullet Stand alone characters  even rivals/enemies if you want
Sketch Page Examples/Finished Commissions:
Valentine Sketch Page Lupynx by nickyflamingo Valentine Sketch Page AlBell by nickyflamingo Valentines Day Sketch Page Maya x Malachye by nickyflamingo

Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy

Journal History

My Romantic Ships <3

Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy
[Icon] Al x Bell by wandering-kotka
[Icon] Jia x Rhoot by wandering-kotka
[Icon] Lu x Dra by wandering-kotka
[Icon] Bruce + Helene by wandering-kotka

[Icon] Dorado Brooch by wandering-kotka [Icon] Gamma Leonis Bow by wandering-kotka P: Sugilite Star Cluster by iCheddar

LuDra Stamp by LaraLeeL Monrryl Stamp by LaraLeeL Chamarado  Stamp by LaraLeeL Al x Bell Stamp by LaraLeeL Bramm x Tera Stamp by LaraLeeL Cepheus x Selcis by LaraLeeL

Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy


My Sailor Moon OC, MLP OC, and other OC Journals!

Heart Border [Purple] by RevPixy

*under construction*

Morphia Icon by SetSaiI Nicky's Closed Species Character List This is my closed species character list.
I'm re-cataloging all my characters (which will take a while).
Listing only those currently active (I have more but they are not currently "in use")

These are not for sale. For character that ARE for sale or trade, see here: Characters for Sale (including closed Species)


Other (updated) Character Lists:
Nicky's Original Character List

[Icon] Margot by wandering-kotka Nicky's Bamharr Tracker Page 1Nicky's Bamharr Tracker

:new: Added Josie!
:new: Due to the fact that I have been gifted several new Bamharr and thus have quite a few, I am rearranging this journal alphabetically. I need to update the info on several of them, but feel free to offer relationships with any of them after reading info on the one you are interested in.
ALSO, the journal was too big to save on DA journals, so it's been split in two.

Where can I find which Bamharr?
Antares-Margot: here 
Melli-Viridia (and Moirai Sisters): Nicky's Bamharr Tracker Page 2

*note: the Moirai Sisters are grouped together at the bottom this the second journal*
silver bullet Feel free to offer friends, but PLEASE be specific who

:heart: Nicky's Original Character List New home of my updated list of active non-fandom ocs. Some are my own design and some are adopted. I do have others but they are "inactive" in that I'm not currently using them. They aren't forgotten though. The older journal can be considered to have incorrect information as corrections, regroups, and updates have been done.
Yes I know I have many characters, but I enjoy them.
Other (updated) Character Lists:
Nicky's Closed Species Character List
Nicky's Bamharr Tracker
Summoning Circle

What is she? Succubus

C: nickyflamingo by baconscraps My Sailor Moon OCs:new: Added new adopts!!!  MOAR! :new:
:bulletpink: Sailor Gamma Leonis

Civilian Name Queen Algieba, "Al"
Age hundreds of years
Birthday/Sign Celebrates on Earth on July 28th / Leo
Civilian Occupation 3rd Queen of Leo, Ambassador of Leonine Space
Power Extreme strength, flame based powers, varied martial arts
originally created for :iconsmvillage:, has become one of my two main senshi
:bulletpink: Eternal Sailor Sun

Civilian Name The Sun Queen
Age Appears in her 20's
Birthday/Sign July 25th / Leo
Civilian Occupation Queen/Judge
Power Powers of the Sun (Light, hea

Artypants icons by aque-laven Nicky's My Little Pony OCsMy ponies live in the city of Hoofport, a smaller city, with a shipping and fishing port, a vibrant and funky population, and lots of agriculture and wild lands outside the city. It's a diverse place, home to the standard Earth, Unicorn, and pegasus ponies, but also many other variations of ponies and other species. A ways north, there is the bigger and more active city of SeaSaddle, whose residents do business with Hoofport on a regular basis.
:star: :heart: :star: :heart: :star:
Please see this Stash Folder for a complete, alphabetized list of my ponies. The list below is just some of them because the stash works better: THANK YOU!
:star: :heart: :star: :heart: :star:
Bullet; Purple ArtyPants

What is she? Unicorn (my pony self!)
Age Young adult
Birthday/Sign July 26th (Leo)
Occupation Illustrator
Ability Artist
Cutie Mar

 photo HAPPY_zps7ce2d89c.gif

Heart Border [Purple] by RevPixy

Star Divider - Free by etNoir




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CS OooO Rifters Assemble
ACEO Sailor Hessonite Lesser Panda
CS OooO Reactions Teacups and Cell bars
Dorado Task 7 Preparing
CA Frankie Hates Hazelnuts
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