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Ask Dorado

Tue Aug 11, 2015, 7:24 PM
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Since I'm one of the few who haven't done this (I did do an ask the Lady weekend a while back), I might as well go ahead and do it.)

Rules: I'll answer most questions (anything appropriate), but only my favorites will make it on the main journal here. If I feel like it, Moni or Jia may answer them.

Relationship Journal Constellation-Senshi: Dorado Relationship Journal

Questions for Sailor Dorado (Moni)
Dorado Meets the Lady by nickyflamingoSailor Dorado by nickyflamingo

Mature Content

More than Memories by nickyflamingo
Moni Civilian Reference by nickyflamingo

:bulletorange: Q Since Moni is living full time on the Cloaked World, what excuse did she give her families and friends on Earth for why she'd be away? Would she have to worry about someone she knows popping in for a visit, only to find her gone?
A: Moni doesn't do much with her family these days, her parents had a late in life second daughter who is now a toddler, Rochelle, and she takes up most of their time and energy. She's a graduate student who does field research most of the time, but has taken a sabbatical, so her department doesn't expect to see her for a while. Her landlord/great aunt and landlord's "friend" are both eccentrics themselves and don't see her often anyway. She's paid up for several months of rent, and honestly, they don't want to charge her anyway. So while no one quite knows where she is, no one will worry either because they'll all assume she's with the other people.

:bulletorange: Q: We saw her reading Avengers yaoi in task 1; does she have a preferred ship or pairing? An OTP? (Or is she just in it for the smut?) XD
A: "I know you don't have all day so I'll give you the short list: Loki x Tony OTP (shut up it does too work), Tony x Banner, Steve x Black Widow (cause I'm not JUST about the yaoi), Steve x Tony, and of course, Thor x Loki."

:bulletorange: Q: Romantic at heart?
A: "It's been known to happen."

:bulletorange: Q:What's your favorite video game?
A: "I have to admit I'm a sucker for otome games, but for mainstream, I love horror franchises. Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Fatal Frame of course are replayed pretty often."

:bulletorange: Q: Ultimate hentai fantasy?
A: "Ultimate? What a question to ask! Two Lokis? Yes, two Lokis. From there, we can build on it. Really, take any of my favorite characters and double them. It's simple but lots of room for building on."

:bulletorange: Q: If you could only choose one type of hentai to read for the rest of your life, which genre would you choose?
A: "Honestly, slash fan fiction is my absolute favorite. You have to wade through a LOT of crap, but when you find that one author who does it just right, it's perfect!"

:bulletorange: Q: When CatLan read you hentai at night, do you prefer they do voices?
A: "Yes, but Lan especially tends to mess up and sucks at telling if the character is a guy or a girl!" *puffs out cheeks*

:bulletorange: Q: "Hey Moni, whatcha reading lately? Got any recommendations for Cass? What d'you think about starting a constellation book club?"
"Hi Cass! I'm reading "Secondhand Souls" by Christopher Moore, a book on Northwest Pacific coast microbiology, and an excellent ninja doujinshi. That depends on what you're into, but if you wanted to start a club, I'd definitely show up!"

:bulletorange: Q:  What is your ideal romantic partner? (Or sexual if you're not into romance)
A: "Actually, yes I am into romance. Ideally a relationship has romance and great sexual chemistry. I'm not against the occasional fun thing, but really I do want a long term relationship with someone special. Ideally, someone who can handle my moods and quirks, and share my interests. Cute wouldn't hurt, and taller than me. Not that that's hard to be. Someone who likes to cuddle on cold days after I'm back from field work but also up for warming me up in a more fun way too!"

:bulletorange: Q: Who of the constellation senshi does she want to get to know better that she has not met yet or has gotten to know?
A: ""I'm sort of an introvert believe it or not, so I don't tend to run up and greet people. I guess some of the really amazing ladies here I'm shy to meet but would like to are Priss (Columba), Veronika (Chameleon), and Gemini (the Twins). But I feel a little nerdy for them >_< )"

Questions for Gen 1 Sailor Dorado (Princess Jia)
Even Battle Princesses have secrets by nickyflamingoGen 1 Dorado by nickyflamingoDorado Task 9: Relax by nickyflamingo

:bulletblue: Q: Favorite tea blend?
A: "Oh yes! I have to admit that the  Lady's suggestion I try jasmine tea has been wonderful! While I love most teas, that one is definitely my favorite."

:bulletblue: A: How do you feel about joining the hunters pack, does it vary from your home world?
A: "I'm very pleased and proud to be included in the Hunter's Pack, as there are some truly impressive fighters in the group. I know that our mission will be competed when I'm working with anyone form the group, and teaming up with Lupus especially means I can do make a lot difference in battle. I especially appreciate that everyone in the group knows that my battle trance happens, and get out of my way and let me work, so I don't have to worry about hurting anyone. Other than the enemy of course. It is very different than leading a unit on my home world, were I must fight solo or restricted."

:bulletblue: Q: How do you feel about being asked to train lynx?
A: "Well, when I was first asked to train Lynx... I had to trust in the Lady because I thought it was impossible to turn that wild child into a proper diplomat, natural seer talents or no. I am embarrassed to admit that her overly enthusiastic playful ways caused me to lose my temper more than once. However, I am very glad I was wrong, and that the Lady knew the talents that lay in Lynx and myself. I am proud of Lynx's abilities now, and she is as fine a woman as any I know. I wouldn't have allowed my brother to bind himself to her otherwise."

:bulletblue: Q: Is Jia going to have a hard time settling down after the war?
A: Jia doesn't know what her future holds right now, but she knows that her adopted family will be there for her. She may drive them nuts with her workaholic ways though.

:bulletblue: Q: Miss your homeworld?
A: "Yes, I worry about my family, as we have seen war in out time and the royal family is always a target. I wish I would wee my brother become the great king I know he will. I wish my mother knew I was safe. And I wish I could tell Riyan that I am okay, and I didn't abandon him."

:bulletblue: Q: Do you feel pressure of any kind for a girl your age after taking battle strategist?
A: "Well, it has more to do with the fear that a mistake could cause a loss of one of our lives. I would say I take it very seriously. Even though I was trained from childhood as a strategist, I never assume an outcome, I always consider the specific factors to protect our warriors."

:bulletblue: Q: Where did you get your talent for battle from...
A: "Well, all royal children are trained from childhood to fight and survive in order to lead others into battle. I have been in battles on my own world before this one. If you mean my battle trance, that is a result of my being Sailor Dorado."

:bulletblue: Q: Who of the constellation senshi does she want to get to know better that she has not met yet or has gotten to know?
A: "It's my job to know at least a little about everyone, and especially their battle style, so I'm familiar in that way at least."

:bulletorange: Q: Do any senshi get on your nerves?
A: "Hah, well I've had my differences with some Senshi, yes. Lynx used to be a huge test to my patience when it was my job to train her, but now we get along well. Orion may need a cannon blast to cool him down now and then but really he's a good guy. Columba and I usually work very well together, but we can get into some pretty strong disagreements at times too. Really, the biggest way to get on my nerves is to not take your job seriously. I'm fine if people are having fun, but if you compromise the mission, I'm not going to be very patient with you."

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Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy


My Sailor Moon OC, MLP OC, and other OC Journals!

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C: nickyflamingo by baconscraps My Sailor Moon OCs:new: Added new adopts!!!  MOAR! :new:
:bulletpink: Sailor Gamma Leonis

Civilian Name Queen Algieba, "Al"
Age hundreds of years
Birthday/Sign Celebrates on Earth on July 28th / Leo
Civilian Occupation 3rd Queen of Leo, Ambassador of Leonine Space
Power Extreme strength, flame based powers, varied martial arts
originally created for :iconsmvillage:, has become one of my two main senshi
:bulletpink: Eternal Sailor Sun

Civilian Name The Sun Queen
Age Appears in her 20's
Birthday/Sign July 25th / Leo
Civilian Occupation Queen/Judge
Power Powers of the Sun (Light, hea

Nicky's My Little Pony OCsMy ponies live in the city of Hoofport, a smaller city, with a shipping and fishing port, a vibrant and funky population, and lots of agriculture and wild lands outside the city. It's a diverse place, home to the standard Earth, Unicorn, and pegasus ponies, but also many other variations of ponies and other species. A ways north, there is the bigger and more active city of SeaSaddle, whose residents do business with Hoofport on a regular basis.
:star: :heart: :star: :heart: :star:
Please see this Stash Folder for a complete, alphabetized list of my ponies. The list below is just some of them because the stash works better: THANK YOU!
:star: :heart: :star: :heart: :star:
Bullet; Purple ArtyPants

What is she? Unicorn (my pony self!)
Age Young adult
Birthday/Sign July 26th (Leo)
Occupation Illustrator
Ability Artist
Cutie Mar
[Commission] Artypants Icon by oOSolarEclipseOo
Nicky is Smitten by iambai Nicky's OC List (non SM) The list of my OCs that are 100% original, adopts,  or from fandoms other than Sailor Moon. A WIP as I get them all collected, and I'm going to draw new pictures for some of my older characters before posting them
:bulletpurple: Shizue

What is she? Succubus
Story (no official name)
Age A few hundred years old
Birthday/Sign December 27th (Capricorn)
Occupation Head Librarian of Hell
Ability Is the only one who can handle all the books in the library. Believed to be an extremely weak demon.
Weapon Magic
My second main original OC :heart:
:bulletpurple: NOVA

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