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About Traditional Art / Artist Core Member Nicky S.G.Female/United States Groups :iconconstellation-senshi: Constellation-Senshi
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Nicky S.G.
Artist | Traditional Art
United States
I hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to leave a comment on my art or page, as long as it isn't rude. I keep attack flamingos on guard. Oh... please don't thank me for favorites or llamas, it was my pleasure.

[Stamp] Gratitude by Creepiest Stamp: Love Commenters by Flame-of-the-Phoenix Don't thank me for.. stamp by wol4ica-stock Do Not Thank Me by Sedma No Requests by Enjoumou

CS and CA Pairings Trade

Sat Nov 26, 2016, 8:55 PM
Heart Border [Orange] by RevPixy

My Bamharr Sketch trade is still going on here, check it out if you are a Bamharr fan:
Bamharr Sketch Trade *updated*

I love cute pairings, and am well known to enjoy shipping. What I would love this holiday season is artwork of my favorite :iconconstellation-senshi: and :iconcrystalanimamates: related couples <3

Read all the rules, you DO NOT have to have a character who is in a ROMANTIC pairing, as noted in "alternatives" section.

 Pusheen Hot Chocolate Plz 


:star: If you believe you would like to do this, please comment who you would like to draw and who you'd like in return before starting. I may decline if a member of the couple is too complicated or on my "no" list, such as underage characters. I do have have the right to decline, but that's unlikely. 

Christmas Present (Green) by Gasara THIS IS FOR Constellation-Senshi AND CrystalAnimamates (and related characters) ONLY. Only for People who own at least one character in the couple they wish me to draw. No doing this on behalf of another person. This is you and me trading.
Christmas Present (Green) by GasaraThis is open from now until Christmas. If I get very busy/find work that makes me very busy, I may close it early. So it may be better to do it earlier than later, but hopefully I will be doing this through Christmas.
Christmas Present (Green) by Gasara OPTION 1: Draw a sketch of of the pairings listed in the "Pairings to Choose From" section (I'm looking for art of any of them). Must be posted to either your gallery, or scraps. I want to favorite and feature it Heart
Christmas Present (Green) by Gasara OPTION 2: Draw a full color artwork of on of my "Pairings to Choose From" at least half body/chest up (I'm looking for art of any of them). Must be posted to either your gallery, or scraps. I want to favorite and feature it Heart
Christmas Present (Green) by GasaraOnce you have drawn your half, I will draw one of your pairings, and tag you in the art. If you choose Option 1, it will be a sketch. If you choose option two, it will be a color ACEO. I will chose how to pose or dress them.
Alternatives: For CS folks, I will happily do your Gen 1 and Current Gen together instead of a couple, or your character and one of their good friends. CA folks, I'd happily do your character and your character's friend.
Christmas Present (Green) by Gasara Kissing and Sexy clothes are okay to me, but make sure it's DA friendly. Use mature filters if it applies. You're welcome to ask if unclear. Cute all ages stuff is always welcome!!
Christmas Present (Green) by GasaraIf we have an outstanding trade you haven't finished your half of, and I've finished mine, you're ineligible until after that is finished. Note me if you have a question about that.
Christmas Present (Green) by Gasara  Each person may do this up to twice if you like Heart
Christmas Present (Green) by Gasara IF YOU READ ALL THE RULES comment "Happy Holidays Make-Up!" to indicate you have and agree to them.
Christmas Present (Green) by Gasara  BE PATIENT PLEASE! I am working on commissions, prizes, holiday items, group things, ect at the same time.

Snowman by Gasara My Pairings to Choose From: Snowman by Gasara

*These include CS official AUs Pokemon, Starlight Bluffs, Society of the Constellations and CA Galaxia versions!*
*If we have a couple I should add, note me. I left a few off but would love to add them in if confirmed!*

Dorado (Moni) x Darryl Moxie unisamas
Gen 1 Dorado (Jia) x Rhoot (Chameleon) LotusLumino
Gen 1 era Cepheus x Gen 1 Selcis (Scorpius) Freckledsleeper
Moni (Dorado) x Bernie (Coma Berenices) wandering-kotka
Bramm x Tera Bytes unisamas
Pokemon AU White Spider x Petri wandering-kotka 

Sugilite Chiroptera x Amethyst Dragon SailorAlcyone

One True Siblings Ship: Dorado and Lupus (any Gen or version) SailorAlcyone 

Gingerbread Man by Gasara TRADES: Gingerbread Man by Gasara


Mature Content

ACEO Lynx and Roh asleep by nickyflamingo
for OTP AT: Charmando aceo by unisamas by unisamas 

Your half done:

Re-Pyper: JiaxRhoot for TelecopiumxBootes
Re-Pyper: LexAmeDra for PeridotMantis and LopRabbit

Heart Border [Orange] by RevPixy
♥ template by miontre ♥ skin designed by iLantiis

Journal History

Would you be interested in a male fantasy adopt from me? 

42 deviants said Mmmm smexy boy adopt...
8 deviants said No, just ladies please!
1 deviant said Feel free to leave a comment or suggestions!


nickyflamingo has started a donation pool!
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My Romantic Ships <3

Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy
[Icon] Al x Bell by wandering-kotka
[Icon] Jia x Rhoot by wandering-kotka
[Icon] Lu x Dra by wandering-kotka
[Icon] Bruce + Helene by wandering-kotka

[Icon] Dorado Brooch by wandering-kotka [Icon] Gamma Leonis Bow by wandering-kotka P: Sugilite Star Cluster by iCheddar

LuDra Stamp by LaraLeeL Monrryl Stamp by LaraLeeL Chamarado  Stamp by LaraLeeL Al x Bell Stamp by LaraLeeL Bramm x Tera Stamp by LaraLeeL Cepheus x Selcis by LaraLeeL

Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy

My Bamharr

Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy
Margot Stamp by LaraLeeL Darlings Stamp by LaraLeeL Bianca Stamp by LaraLeeL

[Icon] Poppy by wandering-kotka [Icon] Dita by wandering-kotka [Icon] Josephine by wandering-kotka [Icon] Macha by wandering-kotka [Icon] Aya by wandering-kotka Ash Bamhaar Pixel Icon by SweetPastelStars

[Icon] Bruce + Helene by wandering-kotka

[Icon] Bianca by wandering-kotka [Icon] Margot by wandering-kotka [Icon] Rashid by wandering-kotka

[C]: Ora~ by JKDreamer [C]: Nickyflamingo by JKDreamer

Blinky Chibi AT (2/2) by Nyxium
Halloween YCH - nickyflamingo  (1) by eleoyasha


SilverLynx and GoldFish by nickyflamingo Goldfish Scooping by nickyflamingo Rashid Cordelia Good Morning by nickyflamingo Jia to Rhoot by nickyflamingo Little Hunters Walk by nickyflamingo Moni's Return by nickyflamingo

Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy


My Sailor Moon OC, MLP OC, and other OC Journals!

Heart Border [Purple] by RevPixy

*under construction*

Morphia Icon by SetSaiI Nicky's Closed Species Character List This is my closed species character list.
I'm re-cataloging all my characters (which will take a while).
Listing only those currently active (I have more but they are not currently "in use")

These are not for sale. For character that ARE for sale or trade, see here: Characters for Sale (including closed Species)


Other (updated) Character Lists:
Nicky's Original Character List

[Icon] Margot by wandering-kotka Nicky's Bamharr Tracker Page 1Nicky's Bamharr Tracker

:new: Added Josie!
:new: Due to the fact that I have been gifted several new Bamharr and thus have quite a few, I am rearranging this journal alphabetically. I need to update the info on several of them, but feel free to offer relationships with any of them after reading info on the one you are interested in.
ALSO, the journal was too big to save on DA journals, so it's been split in two.

Where can I find which Bamharr?
Antares-Margot: here 
Melli-Viridia (and Moirai Sisters): Nicky's Bamharr Tracker Page 2

*note: the Moirai Sisters are grouped together at the bottom this the second journal*
silver bullet Feel free to offer friends, but PLEASE be specific who

:heart: Nicky's Original Character List New home of my updated list of active non-fandom ocs. Some are my own design and some are adopted. I do have others but they are "inactive" in that I'm not currently using them. They aren't forgotten though. The older journal can be considered to have incorrect information as corrections, regroups, and updates have been done.
Yes I know I have many characters, but I enjoy them.
Other (updated) Character Lists:
Nicky's Closed Species Character List
Nicky's Bamharr Tracker
Summoning Circle

What is she? Succubus

C: nickyflamingo by baconscraps My Sailor Moon OCs:new: Added new adopts!!!  MOAR! :new:
:bulletpink: Sailor Gamma Leonis

Civilian Name Queen Algieba, "Al"
Age hundreds of years
Birthday/Sign Celebrates on Earth on July 28th / Leo
Civilian Occupation 3rd Queen of Leo, Ambassador of Leonine Space
Power Extreme strength, flame based powers, varied martial arts
originally created for :iconsmvillage:, has become one of my two main senshi
:bulletpink: Eternal Sailor Sun

Civilian Name The Sun Queen
Age Appears in her 20's
Birthday/Sign July 25th / Leo
Civilian Occupation Queen/Judge
Power Powers of the Sun (Light, hea

Artypants icons by aque-laven Nicky's My Little Pony OCsMy ponies live in the city of Hoofport, a smaller city, with a shipping and fishing port, a vibrant and funky population, and lots of agriculture and wild lands outside the city. It's a diverse place, home to the standard Earth, Unicorn, and pegasus ponies, but also many other variations of ponies and other species. A ways north, there is the bigger and more active city of SeaSaddle, whose residents do business with Hoofport on a regular basis.
:star: :heart: :star: :heart: :star:
Please see this Stash Folder for a complete, alphabetized list of my ponies. The list below is just some of them because the stash works better: THANK YOU!
:star: :heart: :star: :heart: :star:
Bullet; Purple ArtyPants

What is she? Unicorn (my pony self!)
Age Young adult
Birthday/Sign July 26th (Leo)
Occupation Illustrator
Ability Artist
Cutie Mar

 photo HAPPY_zps7ce2d89c.gif

Heart Border [Purple] by RevPixy

Star Divider - Free by etNoir




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nickyflamingo Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2016   Traditional Artist
I don't know if I recall seeing any of them smoke, really that would be a question to ask over at :iconbamharr-babes: as I don't own the species.

I'm glad you like mine though, thank you.
cullyferg2010 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2016
Thank you for your insight.  I will ask as I'm curious if their species do engage in that vie.
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