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My Sailor Moon OCS by others

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So much LOVE

Heart Border [Purple] by RevPixy

Sailor Sun Stamp by LinaLeeL Sailor Asteroid Stamp by LinaLeeL Sailor Gamma Leonis Stamp by LinaLeeL
Sailor Messier 19 Stamp by LinaLeeL NGC 6273 Stamp by LinaLeeL NGC 1512 Stamp by LinaLeeL
Sailor V492 Carinae Stamp by LinaLeeL Sailor Euphrosyne Stamp by LinaLeeL Sailor Hygiea Stamp by LinaLeeL
Sailor Psyche by LinaLeeL Crystal Sailor Asteroid Stamp by LinaLeeL Sailor Tungsten Flamingo Stamp by LinaLeeL
Sailor Cheshire Stamp by LinaLeeL Nickyflamingo17 by LinaLeeL Sailor Gear Heart Stamp by LinaLeeL
Theta Leonis by LinaLeeL Sailor Haumea Stamp by LinaLeeL A different destiny Stamp by LinaLeeL
NOVA Fan stamp by nickyflamingo Bird Club Stamp by LinaLeeL Hydra e Kerberos by LinaLeeL
Al x Bell Stamp by LinaLeeL

Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy

[Gift] Sailor Gear Heart Fan Button by Marushi-Dracul

Messier 1 Stamp by LinaLeeL Sailor War Stamp by LinaLeeL Sailor Nisaba Stamp by LinaLeeL
NGC 3379 Stamp by LinaLeeL NCG 7840 Stamp by LinaLeeL Marushi-Dracul - Sailor Moonstone Stamp by LinaLeeL

Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy

Support Dezi Stamp by Singing-Kiwi I Fight for dedizenoflight Support Stamp by iLantiis Nicky Flamingo fan stamp by Unisamas
KabukiKatze Stamp by LinaLeeL WanderingKotka Stamp by LinaLeeL MistressLegato Stamp by LinaLeeL
Unisamas Stamp by LinaLeeL Nickyflamingo6 by LinaLeeL GabiStar Stamp by LinaLeeL
PhiMouse Stamp by LinaLeeL StefBani Stamp by LinaLeeL dedizenoflight Stamp by LinaLeeL
SailorAlcyone by LinaLeeL Re-Pyper Stamp by LinaLeeL Sailor Darkness stamp by Unisamas
SailorDarkness Stamp by LinaLeeL shuu-bunni Stamp by LinaLeeL Sir-Frog Stamp by LinaLeeL
Marushi-dracul Stamp by LinaLeeL PC: I Support Wickedz!!! by Sir-Frog PandanaLove Stamp by LinaLeeL
WingsForDreams Stamp by LinaLeeL Freckledsleeper Stamp by LinaLeeL Support Pyper! by Sir-Frog
StuffyFrog Support Stamp by sailor-aqua353 Val4s-san Support Stamp by iLantiis I Support Sailor Ashera by LinaLeeL
Proud to be in the Bitty Brigade by LinaLeeL

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Nicky Flamingo fan stamp by Unisamas
Commisssion- nickyflamingo by Tasuu-chan Commission-nickyflamingo by Tasuu-chan Commission- nickyflamingo by Tasuu-chan Comm nickyflamingo 2/2 by Lia-tomoe Gamma Leonis Pagedoll by YukiMiyasawa Sailor Sun blinking By Self-Epidemic by nickyflamingo Sailor Psyche blinking By Self-Epidemic by nickyflamingo Apollo by merelei Kimono Mini: Sailor Hygiea by Meinona Sailor Hygiea Participation Prize by SailorDarkness Sailor Gamma Leonis for Nicky BDay by SailorDarkness SP Hygeia doll2 by SailorDarkness CM:nickyflamingo (i move!) by lilYumi-chan Pixel Al in a Furisode by Razzl3erry Trade/Gift: Sun and Asteroid by shuu-bunni

Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy

Japon Chibi Commission by ImHisEternalAngel Japon Chibi Commission by ImHisEternalAngel

Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy

Gamma Leonis Thumbnail by SMVDonationPool CM:nickyflamingo by lilYumi-chan Winking heart - Sailorsun by sailorpyoco Sailor Sun for nickyflamingo by flutter-chi Sailor Cheshire for Nickyflamingo by flutter-chi CM:nickyflamingo by lilYumi-chan C: nickyflamingo by baconscraps C: nickyflamingo by baconscraps c : Nickyflamingo by stephie-boo C: nickyflamingo by baconscraps Comm- Nickyflamingo Icon by PandanaLove [Freebie] Sailor Cheshire Icon by Marushi-Dracul [Commission] Barnard 72 Icon by Marushi-Dracul [Commission] Sailor Gamma Leonis by Marushi-Dracul [Free Commission] Sailor Hygiea Icon by Marushi-Dracul C: nickyflamingo by baconscraps EC: Bitty Sun by iCheddar Bitty Hygiea by iCheddar EC: Bitty Gamma Leonis by iCheddar EC: Bitty Cheshire by iCheddar
[Commission] Spookytunes Bust Icon by oOSolarEclipseOo [Commission] Artypants Icon by oOSolarEclipseOo [Commission] Artypants with Plushie Icon by oOSolarEclipseOo Artypants icons by aqua-lava so when this is over don't blow your composure by anyab-arts [Free Commission] Dango Bust Icon by oOSolarEclipseOo
Artypants and Spooky Tunes Headshot by oOSolarEclipseOo Amber Heart by blacktigerdream
Pixeled - Meri and Beri by sailorpyoco

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My Sailor Moon OC, MLP OC, and other OC Journals!

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C: nickyflamingo by baconscraps My Sailor Moon OCs:new: Added new adopts!!!  MOAR! :new:
:bulletpink: Sailor Gamma Leonis

Civilian Name Queen Algieba, "Al"
Age hundreds of years
Birthday/Sign Celebrates on Earth on July 28th / Leo
Civilian Occupation 3rd Queen of Leo, Ambassador of Leonine Space
Power Extreme strength, flame based powers, varied martial arts
originally created for :iconsmvillage:, has become one of my two main senshi
:bulletpink: Eternal Sailor Sun

Civilian Name The Sun Queen
Age Appears in her 20's
Birthday/Sign July 25th / Leo
Civilian Occupation Queen/Judge
Power Powers of the Sun (Light, hea

Nicky's My Little Pony OCsMy ponies live in the city of Hoofport, a smaller city, with a shipping and fishing port, a vibrant and funky population, and lots of agriculture and wild lands outside the city. It's a diverse place, home to the standard Earth, Unicorn, and pegasus ponies, but also many other variations of ponies and other species. A ways north, there is the bigger and more active city of SeaSaddle, whose residents do business with Hoofport on a regular basis.
Bullet; Purple ArtyPants

What is she? Unicorn (my pony self!)
Age Young adult
Birthday/Sign July 26th (Leo)
Occupation Illustrator
Ability Artist
Cutie Mark A marker with a rainbow swirl
ArtyPants is a strangle little pony often absorbed in thought, reading, or frantically working on her drawings. Her friends have to remember she's a bit dazed and strange, and endure when she's discovered something interesting she wants to share w
[Commission] Artypants Icon by oOSolarEclipseOo
Winking heart - Sailorsun by sailorpyoco Nicky's OC List (non SM) The list of my OCs that are 100% original, adopts other than sailor moon,  or from fandoms other than Sailor Moon. A WIP as I get them all collected, and I'm going to draw new pictures for some of my older characters before posting them
:star: ORIGINAL: :star:
:bulletpurple: NOVA

What is she? Advanced military android
Story Prototype NOVA01
Age Young adult
Birthday/Sign activated June 29th (Cancer)
Occupation Former nanny, former military pilot, current rogue pilot
Ability Sentient learning android specially designed to navigate and pilot any vessel, combat specialist
Weapon Body, but likes to use dual plasma pistols
My main original OC :heart:
:bulletpurple: Shizue

Heart Border [Purple] by RevPixy

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Sun Oct 19, 2014, 12:51 PM
Heart Border [Orange] by RevPixy

It's been a long time in the making, folks! :iconconstellation-senshi: is now open!

Please join the admins in the fun, make sure to ready the rules, guidelines, and story if you're interested in joining us!

:iconnickyflamingo: :iconwanderingkotka: :iconsailorpyoco: :iconunisamas:

Heart Border [Orange] by RevPixy
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nickyflamingo's Profile Picture
Nicky S.G.
Artist | Traditional Art
United States
Hello! My name is Nicky and I basically live on stress and tea. It's a delicate balance...
Some of my favorite things, which any time spent on my page will tell you:
-Pretty girls, preferably with awesome hair
-Sailor Moon
-Video Games
-Astronomy and related fields
-Fanart of ANY of my characters *is a tiny dragon on her glorious hoard*

I hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to leave a comment on my art or page, as long as it isn't rude. I keep attack flamingos on guard.

Oh... please don't thank me for favorites or llamas, it was my pleasure.

Working my way through this huge series of sketches is so relaxing in a way. 

15 deviants said Love to everyone who has been donating and cheering me on!
15 deviants said So many amazing/beautiful/fun characters to draw!


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I loves you toooooooo! Sorry I'm just so damn behind right now. I hope you're doing better, dear!
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*_* Thank you~~~ Thank is so sweet.
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got your art up heres a link to the page ^_^… an i really do think they are all good even the one you named Sailor Vampire Moon >_> it looks cool to me
Tsunami-Hatro-yuki Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Student Artist
Hi what is ur address so I can send my part of art trade to u.
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sorry much crazy round here! I'll note you!!
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